Top 4 Extended Reality Courses to pursue in India

Top 4 Extended Reality Courses to pursue in India
Top 4 Extended Reality Courses to pursue in India

Extended Reality (XR) has emerged as a transformative industry at the nexus of technology and human experience. Blending the realms of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR), XR is revolutionizing the way we perceive and interact with the digital world. 

The growth of the XR industry has been nothing short of remarkable. Fuelled by advancements in hardware, software, and connectivity, XR technologies have matured from their nascent stages to a mature and rapidly expanding market. As businesses and consumers alike recognize the value of XR, they are increasingly adopting this emerging technology. As the applications of XR range across various sectors like healthcare, education, retail, and social media among others; hype among the students and professionals can be observed alike. Above all, AR and VR have been identified as one of the top cutting edge technologies by All India Counsel of Technical Education (AICTE).

Thus, the sector is witnessing an increase in demand of XR courses. Upskilling is imperative in the field due to its rapid evolution and growing influence on various industries. Professionals need to continually update their skill sets to stay relevant and harness the full potential of these technologies.  Here are the top 5 XR courses you can pursue in India:

  1. Certificate Program in Extended Reality (VR+AR) by Hero ViredCertificate Program in Extended Reality (AR+VR) by Hero Vired, is offered in collaboration with Snapchat and Unreal Engine. The certification is accredited by National Skill Development Council, and Media & Entertainment Skills Council. With the help of application based training and assessments along with interactive learning, you can step into the future with our unique program in Extended Reality. Industry professionals and faculty from world-class institutes teach for immersive, up-to-date, and personalized hands-on learning. 

The 7-month course offers modules on introduction to XR, Unreal Game Engine, and Augmented Reality using Snap AR among others. Tools like Photoshop, Blender, and Snap AR etc. are taught through a unique blend of virtual and live teaching. The program’s 70%-90% Live Instructor-led Classes foster interactive learning, ensuring students engage with the material in a dynamic way.

  1. Professional Metaverse creator Program by Tech XRThis course is designed in the form of boot camp where in every student will be required to learn while self-solving the exercises. The course will demystify the high-end AR-VR development, and prepare you to become a potential XR developer as the course is prepared by industry experts and vetted by academic experts from IIT Roorkee. 

It is a 20-week long course that offers instructor-led live online classes, 24×7 access to videos, placement support, and sessions for clearing doubts. Modules on Unity Animation, Face Filters, 3D Modelling, and coding with 3D world etc. are taught. Plethora of mini projects are offered throughout the course as well. 

  1. Program in Immersive Design (PID) by Maya Academy of Advanced Creativity (MAAC)– 

PID is a professional course in gaming which provides you end-to-end training in Dimensional Content for Augmented and Virtual Reality. The program offers specialization modules for Augmented Reality covering Product app and AR Game creation. It also offers specialization modules for Virtual Reality covering immersive experience, app development and VR games.

This 13-month long course teaches software like Unreal Engine, Unity, and Adobe Photoshop among other key tools. After successfully completing this gaming course from MAAC, you can work in the industry as an AR Artist, AR Designer, VR Artist or Game Developer. 

  1. Game Development Program by Arena AnimationGame Development Program is customised for those who are interested in designing their own 2D or 3D games with Unity 2D/3D Game Kit or create a prototype of their game design ideas. This game development course does not require any prior knowledge of coding, 2D or 3D and will teach about game development from scratch. 

This 10-month course offers job-oriented and industry centric curriculum with hands-on practical training using latest tools and software like Unity. You get access to certified faculty, exposure to industry interaction and workshops, placement assistance, and access to Creosouls, a platform to showcase your portfolio.