Top 5 Start-ups manufacturing IoT sensor helmets to reduce accidents


When significant disruptive technologies taking care of health, house, shopping, payments, vehicles, and many other areas, several tech firms and start-ups have developed IoT(internet of things) sensor helmets to minimise road accidents. 

For maximum safety, artificial intelligence in helmets using machine learning algorithms. In several nations, start-ups using IoT sensor helmets are quest to notify drivers and minimise serious traffic accidents. 

Here is a list of the top 5 start-up companies that are manufacturing smart helmets to reduce accidents:


The firm was founded in 2016 and is under the Plugin Program of IIT Bombay and Intel. Their funding comes from Hong Kong’s Brinc initiative and HK Cyberport.

Revsmart develops IoT sensor helmets that connect drivers to AI voice assistants that help reducing road accidents and provide enhanced safety.


Proxgy is an IoT helmet start-up that develops smart helmets to provide drivers with virtual teleportation such as real-time immersive access to the user’s demands with 3D vision and 360-degree rotation cameras. 

These IoT sensor helmets compose of hardware and software components that assure video stream smoothness and zero latency.


To ensure optimum alertness, to prevent road accidents, Jarvis introduced distraction-free voice activations for drivers. 

IoT Smart Helmets comprise buildup HD around the sound speaker, microphone noise reduction, and a 2K camera with artificial intelligence voice assistance and augmented-reality projections.


Altor is a start-up with an IoT helmet that lets drivers receive, reject, send messages, and many other things, from within smart helmets without using smartphones while driving, utilising artificial intelligence and IoT sensor technology. 

Artificial intelligence helmets offer voice navigation with a quick Bluetooth connection and real-time data distance measurements for two-wheelers. Altor provides patented accident detection technology on IoT sensor helmets to minimise accidents.

Vida Salvateur

Vida Salvateur is IoT helmet start-ups that have developed a coin-sized gadget to detect an accident in IoT sensor helmets, which can trigger an alert to emergency and medical services with an SOS signal. 

Riders can benefit from advanced riding data like average speed, lean angle, and many more provide by the cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology in helmets.

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