Top 6 Best Platforms for Developing Edge Computing Models


Edge computing is a new and improved network architecture that overcomes the constraints of traditional cloud computing.

Edge computing technologies surpass standard cloud computing because data is processed locally. Edge computing companies process data closer to the source, reducing the distance it must previously travel. The method effectively reduces delay.

This article lists the top ten best platforms for developing edge computing models in 2022.


AlefEdge is a cutting-edge Internet platform that supports 5G applications by providing open APIs at the edge. It creates an “open edge environment” that enables organisations, developers, and networks to operate together without friction. AlefEdge is looking forward to utilising the world’s first AR and VR, AI, Industry 4.0, smart cities, IoT, and gaming applications.

Affirmed Networks

Affirmed Networks develops mobile network solutions, such as a cloud-native mobile core that is virtualized. There’s also a MEC-based solution that works similarly to Affirmed’s Cloud Edge. According to the business, content delivery networks augmented reality and virtual reality, autonomous vehicles, drones, IoT, and private networks for location-based services can all be deployed with this edge computing platform’s capabilities.


ClearBlade is a software company specialising in edge computing that offers a single platform for combining local processing, artificial intelligence, and actionable visualisations. ClearBlade’s middleware solution, which runs in the cloud, on-premises, and at the edge, is designed to seamlessly integrate various components of the internet of things (IoT). ClearBlade also uses blockchain and smart contract technology to track progress and create immutable and highly visible industrial supply chains.


Edge Gravity is the name of Ericsson’s edge service platform. It delivers nodes for the ‘Edge Cloud Platform’ all around the world, based on both telecoms operator infrastructure and Edge Gravity hardware. Edge Gravity’s edge platform is initially focused on CDN optimization, online gaming, and SD-WAN, but it will benefit a wide range of applications in the future.


EdgeConneX is an edge data centre design and operation firm. It provides a wide range of data centre services, from hyperscale facilities to Edge Small Cells that are as close to the edge/end-user as possible. Customers work closely with EdgeConneX to ensure that scalability, power, and connectivity are all matched to their individual requirements. North America, South America, and Europe are the only regions where the platform is now available. Its key clients include content producers, network and cable operators, and colocation companies.


Mutable is a microservices PaaS that aids developers in overcoming DevOps challenges. The platform’s edge technologies can help application providers, cable operators, and cloud providers achieve low latency, better security, and operational efficiency.

The software platform of Mutable runs on existing servers that are controlled by operators. It prioritises the workloads of the owner while also selling unused compute capacity via its public cloud and maximising the revenue potential of existing servers. It also enables developers to deploy their apps to end-users without worrying about their cloud footprint.

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