Top 9 most interesting machine learning applications


For quite some time, machine learning has been gaining traction in the business world. It has paved the path for unprecedented technical developments. Simply put, machine learning caters to a wide range of applications, ultimately simplifying our lives.

On that note, here are the top 9 most intriguing machine learning applications for the year 2022.

Product recommendation system

Almost every e-commerce website that comes to mind heavily relies on product recommendation systems. Such recommendation systems are built on the foundation of machine learning. Your behaviour is tracked by the websites you visit, which generate suggestions based on your previous purchases, searching patterns, and history.

Facial recognition

Facial recognition is a one-of-a-kind machine learning application that seeks to deduce and interpret information from pictures. Face recognition relies heavily on machine learning, which is used for anything from unlocking smart gadgets to identifying criminals.

Enhancing cloud services

Machine learning is used by many companies throughout the world to recognise objects, people, text, and activities in photos and videos. This is nothing short of a blessing for developers and data scientists, since they can now easily construct, train, and deploy machine learning models.

Assessing creditworthiness

Machine learning is well-known for its ability to evaluate creditworthiness. Machine learning now takes into account other criteria such as an applicant’s current financial health and behaviours, making it easier to judge the credibility of students and first-time credit card applicants who typically do not have a credit history.


It’s no surprise that chatbots have become an important part of the commercial world. Gone are the days when chatbots followed pre-written scripts that determined the machine’s next actions based on keywords. Thanks to machine learning, chatbots have gotten much smarter, with a better understanding of humans, better handling of requests, and more natural responses.

Self-driving cars

This is one of the most interesting and forward-thinking machine learning applications I’ve seen. The concept behind self-driving cars is that they use Deep Learning and crowdsource data from all of their vehicles and their drivers. Self-driving cars have reached a point where they are becoming increasingly popular around the world.

Handwriting recognition

It’s impossible to deny that manually scanning exam papers and documents is time-consuming and inaccurate. This is where artificial intelligence (AI) comes in. ML refers to the ability to scan and digitise documents in a matter of minutes.

Google translate

One of the most extensively utilised machine learning applications is Google Translate. Machine learning is used in the technology to deliver the best accurate translation of each sentence or word.

Speech recognition

The conversion of spoken words into text, known as speech recognition, is frequently utilised in everyday life to produce voice interfaces and voice assistants. Without a doubt, this machine learning programme has changed our lives for the better.

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