Top popular films and television shows based on robots


The top famous movies and tv shows on robots are fantastic that it is how films, tv shows, and reality are interdependent with a sole purpose in the entertainment business. Let us look at some of the top popular films and tv shows based on robots for a comfortable binge-watching session.


Humans are a British-American tv show based on robots that received 8.5 stars out of 10 on IMDb. It is based totally on the Swedish sci-fi drama “real humans” that explores AI and robots, including the social, cultural, and psychological effects of the invention of anthropomorphic robots known as Synths. It is a highly-developed robotic servant that transforms the lives of people with some life-changing decisions. This television show gives an emotional intrigue as well as thought-provoking suspense for the audience.

Small wonder

Howard Leeds created Small wonder that aired from 1985 to 1989 as an American comedy sci-fi tv show. It embarks on the journey of a circle of relatives of a robotics engineer who secretly created a human woman-centric robot as an adopted daughter called Vicki. This robot show became so famous that it has been in a couple of languages. This tv show gives the humorous journey of the robotic’s attempts to find out about all styles of human behaviors.


Chappie is every other American dystopian sci-fi film based totally on robots written by Blomkamp and Terri Tatchell. This film is based totally on an AI regulation enforcement robotic, called Chappie that turned into abducted and taught awesome lifestyles lessons through numerous gangsters in Johannesburg. An updated programming software become hooked up into Chappie that answered with childlike trepidation leading to a mystery journey for the target market. Chappie has obtained blended opinions as well as 6.eight stars out of 10 on IMDb.

Robot and Frank

Robotic and Frank is an American sci-fi comedy-drama based on a domestic robot directed via Jake Schrier in 2012. The plot is based totally on an ex-jewel thief, Frank Weld, suffering from intellectual deterioration and whose son bought a domestic robot companion to be with him. This robot is programmed to provide therapeutic care consisting of a set routine with cognition-enhancing activities such as gardening. Afterward, Frank discovered that the robot can’t distinguish between felony leisure sports and criminal ones. Accordingly, this sci-fi film with 7.1 stars on IMDb shows the adventure of the robot and Frank in more than one adventurous heist.

I am mother

I am a mother is a 2019 Netflix-primarily based thriller and thriller sci-fi movie based on maternal robotic that raised a teenage girl to repopulate the Earth within the wake of humanity’s extinction. The plot of this robotic-centric movie is positioned in the dystopian future with mental paradox and has obtained 6.7 stars on IMDb.

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