AI as the Protector of Privacy


The diverse potential of artificial intelligence or AI has become a thriving factor for today’s world. The adoption of AI is essential for the world to grow and flourish but at the same time, it can possess criminal intentions and can inflict harm. A Space Odyssey is one of the classic instances of AI as a criminal. It is a universal computer that hid its criminal intents under a serene appearance. This case can cause a sense of terror for AI in humans and can generate a perception that AI shortly will be out of control and will be a threat to the planet. This prejudice is not based on reality.

This conception is irrational and is not true. Even if AI can lead to a breach of privacy and invasion of data, at the same time it can be a provider of privacy. AI is a defense system against all threats in real life.

The information era has put privacy in jeopardy. External audiences have access to data spread across the internet without the need for passwords. This absence of security has weakened information security and provided an incentive for cybercriminals.

This is where the presence of AI is essential. For building a fortress to data and information, AI is the suitable defensive wall that prevents cyber breaches. Face recognition technology is one such AI technology that facilitates such information security. For numerous businesses, face recognition has resulted in strict security standards and fewer data breaches. Other sensitive activities that AI can accomplish include steering and locating a wrongdoer.

Understanding the fact that AI is just an assistive tool, not a decision-maker, the onus is upon man to use it wisely and discretely. Humans rely on AI to sort through important data while discarding or eliminating irrelevant data. Algorithms in AI can be governed and trained to act based on a set of ethical rules and standards, for example, data filtration.

 Furthermore, AI-driven algorithms are employed to eliminate human errors caused by bias and fatigue. This is a viewpoint from which it is possible to maintain security requirements and standards.

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