Are you ready for a fashion challenge? AI designs your dream dress


Dream to the infinity: Artificial Intelligence makes it real. Artificial intelligence popularly known as AI is the most discussed subject in today’s world. Since its launch, the world deeply dives into it to harness the unending possibilities of achievements. AI is a remarkable technological innovation on the earth as it creates a machine of human intelligence. Today, AI has become part and parcel of every sector in the world. Some of the applications of AI in our life are medical checkups, search engines, online chat support, building automatic vehicles, video games, solving mathematical theorems, etc.

AI offers a platform for people to access all facilities when they are stuck at home momentarily due to uncertainties such as pandemics and natural calamities. Some of the brands that use AI for improving customer experience are Google for machine learning algorithms, Under Armor for customized fitness advice, Spotify to find the music that you like, etc.

India also develops and takes advantage of AI in a variety of segments.  Some of the AI applications in India are the SIA chatbot of SBI, ICICI bank’s software robotics to automate office work, thermalytix for breast cancer detection developed by Niramai Health Analytix Private Limited, etc.

Recently, Aaiena – A unit of Sankshit Group has introduced software named Sizing to find the clothes with a perfect fit. It is expected that this software will be welcomed wholeheartedly by Indian consumers.

Sizing is believed to set a new trend in the Indian retail apparel market as it eliminates dressing trial rooms and conventional body measurement methods. The software takes advantage of artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) which helps to find the exact dress size in four steps. The customers have to sign up with this software to make use of it. The four steps involved to use this software are firstly input body dimensions i.e., weight and height, upload a full-size photo, and generate a virtual figure of the person. Finally, it shows us the photo with the dress trialed. The software has a feature called dress fitting ratio which enables customers to know which brand fits well based on ratings and body dimensions.

Sizing software is available in the Mango brand, a retail store, websites, and apps. The software can be used in fitness centers also as it is designed to record and maintain physical fitness through the ideal body dimension. The technology promises accurate measurement and informs any increase or decrease in body dimension. Additionally, Sizing provides diet plans and workout methods for body fitness. The company is on the way to develop software called Ettire to make the technology more useful for the customers.

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