‘GoSafe’# Vogo, Enjoy Free Rides after Vaccination


Vogo Automotive, one of India’s largest online platforms for scooter rentals has started an initiative called GoSafe’ to offer free rides for covid-19 vaccinated people. Vogo stands for ‘vehicle on the go’ is a technologically driven platform in India for scooter rentals that help users for connecting to Public transport. The company offers services across Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Chennai cities.

‘Gosafe’ a program by Vogo aimed at providing free rides worth Rs 300 to people who undergo vaccination. The users have to upload their certificate of vaccination in full or partial in the Vogo app to enjoy the free rides. The company provides an option for people to log into CoWin and book their vaccination slots through the Vogo app.

The company will also contribute Rs 100 for every vaccination certificate uploaded by a user to ‘Activate 50 Hospitals fund’, a program initiated by Pranitha Subhash Foundation & Good Scout, a group of entrepreneurs, public welfare groups, and many philanthropists to find and make operational 50 inoperative hospitals across the country and offer adequate infrastructure for them to set up medical infrastructure to treat pandemic patients free of charge.

The company stated that it has already contributed Rs 8 lakhs to the fund. Vogo has also initiated a campaign across Bengaluru and Hyderabad cities where over 1,000 Vogo scooters will get groovy and attractive stickers to encourage people to get the vaccination. The sticker copies are also made available across social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. The hesitation of the people to get vaccinated is one major challenge all around the world for covid-19 disease. A local survey indicated that in India around 62% of people show reluctance to take vaccination when the program launched in January 2021. The second wave of coronavirus has reduced this number, however still 23% of people are hesitant to take the vaccination.

According to the Co-founder and CEO of Vogo, when it is high time to get vaccinated by all, many people are reluctant to take a jab. He stated that ‘Gosafe’ is a small initiative on Vogo’s part to promote and incentivize people to get a jab to beat the pandemic.

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