‘Touch of Goodness’ campaign by Mamaearth


Mamaearth is a natural and toxin Free ‘Madesafe Certified Brand’ In India announced the launch of the ‘Touch of Goodness’ campaign, starring celebrated actress and mompreneur, Shilpa Shetty Kundra. The film is based on protective senses and focuses on a mother’s want for the best products for her child. Through this campaign, the company Mamaearth announces India’s first plant-based diaper.

In this film Shilpa and her toddler, who is curious and wants to discover everything by touching. As a mother, she wants to make sure that everything that touches her kid to be good. It then follows into the mother pampering the baby and promising that she would only let the goodness of nature touch her little one, it highlighting the ‘Touch of Goodness’ of Mamaearth plant-based diapers.

 It is a brand made up of the promise of Fair, Natural, and Safe care, also Mamaearth is Asia’s first brand with MadeSafe certified products. The brand recapitulates its choices with the launch of this innovative diaper, enriched with nature’s goodness and double absorption.

The brand has a lot of advantages such as no toxins or harmful chemicals, cruelty-free, plastic positive, and naturally enriched products. Such a product is rare nowadays and also today everyone is looking for a natural product that will prevent skin problems without making any other issues.

About the campaign, Ghazal Alagh, Co-Founder and CIO at Mamaearth, commented that nowadays parents are extremely becoming aware of the products that they would like to use for their toddlers and also they are trying to choosing nature’s goodness. That was the basic thought behind this campaign ‘Touch of Goodness’. The film also reflects a mother’s desire to want the safe touch of goodness for their baby. Mamaearth’s recent ‘Plant Goodness’ initiative wherein the brand connects every order to a tree they plant, has been well accepted by the millennials. So they hope that the ‘Touch of Goodness’ campaign will also get a good acceptance by them.

The launch of this film is conceptualized by Korra Worldwide and it shows the importance of touch of goodness and it is a 40-second video and will be followed by shorter edits of 30 seconds and 15 seconds.


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