Abbott’s Ensure launches a new TVC about Immunity boosting


Abbott’s Ensure has launched a new television advertisement, through which the company wants to educate the customers about the product and also to support the concept of the product which is strengthening immunity through nutrition and exercise as people are now becoming more conscious about their health and also are trying to understand different ways as to how they can strengthen their immune system.

Through the advertisement, the company shows the eleven important immunity-boosting nutrients including Zinc, Copper, Folate, Iron, Selenium, and vitamins such as A, D, C, E, B6, and B12 which are contained in the product and these nutrients are known for rejuvenating new immunity cells and giving people the strength in daily lives.

The advertisement was created by collaborating with Leo Burnett India and the commercial displays the relationship between the lead couple, Gajaraj Rao and Madhoo where both argue about whether walking or yoga most effective in immunity building and as they both bring out the various advantage of each activity and their daughter who is a medical practitioner interrupts their conversation by advising her parents that exercise is an essential factor for a person to stay healthy and also the right amount of nutrition also acts as an important factor.

The General manager of Abbott’s Nutrition business, Swati Dalal stated that currently it is important to build and maintain immunity and muscle strength of an individual as they age and it plays an important role in contributing to the overall health of an individual and as people are more conscious about their health where they have made exercise as an essential part of their lives and the company also focuses on creating awareness among people about the importance of nutrition in an individual’s life along with exercise.

Through the launch of the new advertisement, the company aims to create awareness among the viewers by claiming that both the right nutrients and also exercise act as an important factor for maintaining a healthy immune system which helps in giving strength in their daily life. The advertisement is promoted on social media and all digital media platforms. 


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