PhonePe launches new campaign on fraud awareness


The online payment platform, PhonePe has introduced a new campaign which is aimed to create awareness among the customers about making their digital transactions secure. The company also claims that to expand more in the digital payment segment, the most significant factor to be considered is about educating the users about simple steps that they should follow while doing digital payments which makes the transaction secure and simple.

The company introduced the campaign on the occasion of Dussehra, which is celebrated as the triumph of good over evil. The campaign has used the ten faces of Ravana in the campaign film, where the idea of the concept is to create awareness among the users about the ten new faces of digital payment frauds.

The campaign shows an animated film for about 10 to 15 seconds, through which the campaign aims to educate the users about how they can be tricked in the digital payment and shows easy steps to be followed to keep the transaction secure. The campaign film is promoted on all social media and digital platforms.

The campaign film mainly includes the following frauds which could be faced by the user while making digital payments. First is about an introduction about the ten new faces of fraud and film suggests the users not to worry about it as the company would explain all about the frauds and also suggests ways to overcome those frauds.

The Head of Risk and Fraud Prevention of PhonePe, Anju Bhansali stated that the company’s main objective was to provide safe and easy transactions’ for users and that it’s also important to educate the users regarding the various frauds in the digital platform and create a confidence among the users of using the digital payment and educating the users about the various frauds and also suggests the ways in overcoming those frauds.

The campaign was launched on Dussehra, through which the company could relate to users of the concept of good over evil and create awareness among the various frauds in the digital platform and also suggests the various steps to be followed to overcome those frauds and also provide confidence to the customers while making digital payments. 


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