‘Asli Mazaa Andar Se Aayega’ campaign by Sunfeast Dark Fantasy in association with RCB


Sunfeast Dark Fantasy is a biscuit brand by ITC, and the official partner to the IPL team Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB), has now introduced a new TVC. The film takes a scene of life which is watching a tournament moment, and also this TVC is part of a larger campaign ‘Asli maza andar se aayega’.

In the ad film, three friends are watching the tournament and one among in the three friends believes that the ‘Dark Fantasy’ is a lucky cookie and when he bites into it at a significant match moment and he thinks that this cookie will give a positive result. And also he tells this matter to his friends. Upon hearing this, while the other two friends initially break into laughter, they soon see things work out in their favor in the match and enjoy by sharing that pack of Sunfeast Dark Fantasy. This film is a portion of a larger campaign on the thought of ‘Asli Mazaa Andar Se Aayega’ which highlights consumers in relatable situations watching the tournament while enjoying their preferred cookie from within their homes this year.

The current pandemic situation has created a lot of campaigns and the ‘Asli maza andar se aayega’ is one of them. Dark Fantasy cookie is a 100%  vegetarian product and it is a combination of chocolate filling within a perfectly baked tasty cookie. Through this campaign, the company also promoting enjoy the tournament within their home because of the current pandemic situation. Also, this campaign ad showcase that Dark Fantasy is a lucky cookie.

Speaking about the campaign Ali Harris Shere, chief operating officer, biscuits and cakes, ITC, commented that Over the years, Sunfeast Dark Fantasy has created a unique niche for itself with its indulgent type of offerings that provoke a happy feeling from within, similar to the feelings of cricket fans experience while watching the popular tournament. Also, he mentions that they are very happy to be a part of a new-formed association with team Royal Challengers Bangalore.

In this association, the company stated that the brand aims to make collaborate itself with the sport and cricketers from team RCB. Its latest television commercial shows ‘Dark Fantasy’ is a lucky cookie and it helps to the team’s victory. It focuses on biting the ‘Dark Fantasy’ while watching a match which would lead to a favorable performance.


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