Reliance Jewels new campaign about Odisha’s beauty


The latest festive series of Reliance Jewels, “Utkala”-Where Beauty Rises, is inspired by the rich artistic and architectural heritage of Odisha and is an ode to the land were not only the sun, but elegance rises.

The collection name is also taken from the ancient name of Odisha, Utkal, influenced by some of the greatest marvels of Odisha’s architecture, such as the Konark Sun Temple, Jagannath Puri Temple and the Mukteshwar Temple, and some of the most beautiful art and cultural styles, such as Boita Bandana, Pattachitra, and Seenthi.

There is an assortment to fit different occasions and budgets, from choker sets to short necklaces to long, complicated and elegant necklace sets. The designs in the Gold range are made in 22kt Gold and include elegant antique & yellow gold jewellery as well as detailed filigree style yellow gold & antique finish jewellery. The diamond sets made of 18kt gold are suitable for both your festive and contemporary styles.

Odisha is regarded as the sun’s home, and Utkala is its ancient name. It’s also a land where even the world is experiencing art’s growth for thousands of years. And we included the angle that Utkala is also the land where elegance arises, not even just art or the sun.

The Utkala Collection is a real combination of distinctive motifs, patterns and designs which perfectly represent the art, culture and tradition of the state, which is beautifully depicted in this film. The movie gives us a wonderful tour of Odisha’s rich history, followed by glimpses of Odissi music and dance. The video takes us to beautifully crafted jewellery influenced by the classic Konark Sun temple art, the temple art of Mukteshwar, the temple art of Puri Jagannath, the dance art of Seenthi, the maritime heritage of Boita Bandhana and the exotic picture art of Pattachitra in which two sisters are immersed in the Utkala Set. Here is a glimpse of this great film from Reliance Jewels’ Utkala set.

The campaign film, conceptualised by Scarecrow M&C Saatchi, features stunning traditional Odisha elements and cultural shades and is an effort by Reliance Jewels to showcase Odisha and its distinct customs. The film was shot by Bosco Bhandarkar, produced by Jungle Films and directed by Vikash Nowlakha. Manasi Scott, the celebrity voiceover artist and actress, does the voice-over.


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