Tournafest secures Pre-Seed funding of Rs 3.05 crores


Tournafest Gaming Private Limited, an esport stage, has gotten pre-seed financing of Rs 3.05 crores from a grip of angels and financial backers.

FirstCheque, India Quotient, Abhinav Sinha (Global CPO and COO, Oyo Rooms), Maninder Gulati (Global CSO, Oyo Rooms), and other popular angels are among the investors this round. The Rajasthan-based beginning up was established in April 2021.

During our school days, it did not smooth gaming out, and formal competitions were inconceivable. Unquestionably, a chance was taken cover behind this issue, founders said.

Founders stated, “We need to rehash how the Esports ecosystem functions and move towards making a synergistic and inspiring stage where discoverability and versatility are crucial.”

“We accept that each gamer’s abilities ought to be perceived and regarded, and this stage will convey only that to this developing local area,” Ayush Agarwal and Kaustubh Trivedi, Founders of Tournafest added.

To conceptualize and set up Tournafest Arun Jhajharia and Utkarsh Yadav helps Ayush Agarwal and Kaustubh Trivedi, and Shubham Bhardwaj.

The group includes standard gamers with working involvement with Esports’ different capacities alongside advertising, plan, and the specialized and programming side.

The Team solely intended Tournafest for the quickly developing gamer local area of India. It means to give gamers the chance to contend in competitions and practice scrims facilitated by driving gaming networks in India.

The gamers are important for a communitarian local area of fans and can exhibit their presentation on the stage.

Simultaneously, Tournafest empowers coordinators to lead adaptable Esports competitions flawlessly and display their confirmed advancement to comparing supports.

Esports have progressively arisen as one of the most worthwhile enterprises lately, particularly post-pandemic. The gaming market in India is expected to be esteemed at $7B by 2026 and has transformed standard brandishing competitions like the Asian Games.

For esports to become vote-based, the competitions need to move out of extravagant bars and go into each telephone in each path of the nation, similar to road cricket of things to come, Anand Lunia, general accomplice, IQ expressed.

Ayush Agarwal and Kaustubh Trivedi are gamers by heart, coders by ability, and stage makers by vision. IndiaQuotient backs them to join the classes of Bharat first stages like Bharat Agri, Lokal, and Sharechat, he added.

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