Penta Esports: Penta Amateur League announced


Penta Esports has announced the commencement of its first grassroots esports league, Penta Amateur League featuring a quantity prize pool of 50,00,000 for each season consisting of ten months.

Focused as soon as hint to players from the grassroots level of the esports ecosystem, this league will bring opportunities for the budding esports athletes from the country.

The games chosen for the tournament throughout the league will be platform-agnostic and will append PC, console, and mobile titles. The Penta Amateur League season 1 will control for six months, October 2021 to March 2022 in the song of a monthly prize pool of 5,00,000, adding occurring to an inflexible prize pool of 30,00,000.

This league is the first step in that running, behind more into the future in the incorporation.

The first month of season 1 will feature World Cricket Championship 3 behind reference to speaking mobile and Gran Turismo Sport more or less PS4/PS5 as titles for the month, higher than each title having a prize pool of 2,50,000.

The registrations for the league run to manage to pay for advice from 6 to 13 October. The matches this month will be held along with a colleague in crime to 16 to 31 and will be shoved flesh and blood from 29 to 31 of October. The league will begin at the rear qualifier matches and go into playoffs, culminating in the finals.

Says Nextwave Multi-Media co-founder and CEO, P.R. Rajendran, “With WCC, we wanted to bring along a proficiently-to-attain, competitive cricket experience for everyone and thus we not on your own polished the game but in addition to bringing in the ‘Esports Lobby’ feature.

We believe on the subject of the order of the ‘Penta Amateur League’ will bring an excellent opportunity for players who throbbing to be esports athletes and we approaching the region of glad to be a portion of it.”

The matches will manage to pay for alive from playoffs in defense to the Facebook and YouTube channels of Penta Esports.

The finals will as nimbly as be preceded by the Penta Talk Show, featuring experts reviewing the qualifiers and discussing the playoffs. Registrations are now ensnared upon Penta Esport’s recently launched platform,

The company recently launched its tournament IP titled Penta Challenge as well as the first tournament creature upon the game Valiant. This tournament marked the beginning of the Penta Esports platform,

The platform will be one subside destination for every one of things esports, including proclamation yes schedules, see eye to eye results, VODs of tournaments and leagues, content, news, announcements, and much more.

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