Facebook beginning to fail at their responses, once again during a crisis


Facebook, a multinational technology company, has been the only app to have such a global succession in terms of social media. Facebook was the ‘it thing’ when it came to young adults binging on social media. It also came in all forms, apps, websites, messenger.

Facebook was incomparable for seven long years after its launch. With the introduction of Instagram and social media being the new favorite, competitions had risen for Instagram.

The power Facebook had was instantly realized by its audience when Facebook bought not only Instagram but also WhatsApp. That is it. The three main powerhouses of social media were all now under Facebook.

Another phenomenon Facebook had constantly seen throughout its career is the lawsuits filed against the company. Some of them include the Federal Trade Commission antitrust lawsuit, 2009 class-action lawsuit, Paul Ceglia, ConnectU.com lawsuit, and more.

The interesting fact is whenever allegations had come by, Facebook almost always reported settling the problem in swiftness. What they always miss out on focusing on is responding to the audience that entrusts the working of the company. In cases where they do respond, answers seem vague and dodging the topic.

But the recent allegations are something Facebook cannot be ignoring. It includes allegations that require direct and clear responses. A lot of research and media investigations are now highlighting facebook’s blind eye. This includes how the company is not ensuring the functioning of the app as it is resulting in poor mental health and bad body image.

The pandemic and the course of many individuals depending on the internet now more than ever are increasing the cases of mental disorders which also include distorted body image.

Among the revelations: Facebook’s research has repeatedly shown that its image-sharing app, Instagram, is “toxic” for teen girls. Internal research cited by the Journal shows 32% of teen girls said that when they feel bad about their bodies, Instagram makes them feel worse.

As of now Facebook even now is failing to respond to the crisis properly. But in this case, the outcome can be a very heavy and net cost for the social media network.

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