AI And Machine Learning model built: Top fitness apps


As the globe becomes more fitness-conscious, there is a growing desire for tech-based solutions to fulfil the demand of this increasing population. 

It has spawned a spate of businesses are using artificial intelligence and other machine learning technologies to create applications that will assist users in maintaining their fitness. Whether tracking calorie intake, providing meal suggestions, displaying exercises, or sounding an alert if you’ve strayed from your fitness plan, AI has replicated human intelligence to automate these functions.

Here is a selection of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning-based applications that can help you accomplish your fitness goals:


FitnessAI is an app that employs artificial intelligence to create customized training plans for each user. This software started as a gym-only app, but it recently switched gears to meet the rising demand for at-home fitness.

The app’s system includes features that optimize sets, repetitions, and weight for each workout, every time. The algorithm advises users on how long they should relax and alter the difficulty level for following sessions. The software also provides information regarding your progress over time.

Using this app, you can access one of the largest databases of weightlifters, and it claims to outperform any human trainer.


Unlike FitnessAI, Freeletics does not claim to be better than a human trainer. Despite this, it bills itself as Europe’s number one fitness app, allowing users to work anywhere while receiving AI-assisted physical exercise coaching. In addition to fitness coaching, Freeletics has a community website where members may communicate, share accomplishments, and motivate one another.

The coaching algorithm in the app recommends exercise and diet based on user input, scientific research, and personal preferences. It estimates that around 3.5 million unique alternatives are employed to produce a personalized workout.

Aaptiv Coach:

The firm behind the popular audio-based exercise programme Aaptiv has announced the launch of a new service. It took Aaptiv three years to develop Aaptiv Coach and is the company most significant product breakthrough since its inception.

Using proprietary recommendations algorithms and interaction data provides a personalized recommendation experience. Personal fitness and lifestyle programmes are tailored to each user based on their specific goals, current exercise levels, eating habits, and data collected by an AI-based assistant via wearable devices such as a wristwatch or activity tracker.

In India, is the most popular health and fitness app. The app’s creators depend heavily on big data and artificial intelligence to improve user experience and growth by using machine learning (ML) to develop workout routines. The app’s backend is a complicated collection of over 100 subsystems or “microservices” tailored to tackle a unique challenge. 


Olympic athletes and world-class trainers supervise and track their training with Asensei, a connected iOS coaching app. Using motion capture sensors included in everyday sportswear the, programme designates and corrects users training. Customers may now participate in coaching programmes while using the most up-to-date artificial intelligence technologies.

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