acquires Onyx, a US-based digital fitness company


To improve its digital services in India and abroad, , India’s largest health & wellness group, has acquired Onyx, a California-based fitness company that is creating the world’s smartest digital exercise experience.’s takeover of Onyx is a move towards developing the computer vision technology for its home fitness program and expanding its international market.

Onyx specializes in body monitoring technologies and the personalization of fitness reviews. It provides recounting form correction and comprehensive performance monitoring. Onyx was recently featured as an “App of the Day” on the Apple App Store and has experienced rapid user development over the past year. is a health-tech firm based in India. has recently introduced the energy meter technology in the US, where the phone camera monitors the movements of users as they attempt to follow the guided material of the trainers. Users can track their progress, compete with their peers, share selfies, and follow their favorite trainers.

The ’20s will be the decade of digital wellbeing. Onyx will accelerate the efforts to develop a hardware-agnostic AI-led network that provides directed physical and mental health and nutrition content all at the same site. Users will have a tailored experience of high-quality technology and human touch and will be able to meet their health targets from the convenience of their homes without spending on costly hardware.

With this technology, their digital product would be close to taking a community class at the luxury studio or a personal workout session at the gym. Users will get feedback on their gestures and this will be a two-way social environment. integrate with all viewing systems like Apple TV, Chromecast, etc. and users can follow a range of activities like dance, HIIT, yoga, etc. from home.

The main goal of Onyx is to built fully tailored and linked wellness available to everyone. By joining, they can contribute to this common goal, putting together incredible interactive wellness opportunities to a worldwide audience even sooner. High precision body monitoring paired with studio-quality content can help create a very differentiated user interface.

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