Entrepreneurship and Big Data: The digital revolution – Book Review


Entrepreneurship and massive Data: The Digital Revolution, is written by Meghna Chhabra, Rohail Hassan, and Amjad Shamim. As you recognize, the digital age has reworked business opportunities and methods during a decisively sensible and data-driven project universe.

The vary of potentialities detached by huge information technologies offers firms all told sectors a motivating chance for development and transformation. This book could be a comprehensive and analytical supply of entrepreneurship and massive information that prospective entrepreneurs should recognize before embarking upon an entrepreneurial journey during this gifted age of digital transformation.

Entrepreneurship and massive information give a summary of the assorted aspects of entrepreneurship, function, and up-to-date forms. It covers a real-world understanding of however the entrepreneurial world works and also the needed new analytics thinking and procedure skills. It conjointly encompasses the essential parts required once beginning An entrepreneurial journey and offers sacred case studies from key trade leaders.

You will get to examine the scheme for entrepreneurship during a huge data-driven universe, the appliance and influence of a commercial web of things huge information and analytics towards property price creation, robotic method automation RPA in world business services GBS new insights for entrepreneurs, and social entrepreneurship during an era of disruption convergency social modification and property through huge information analysis in a Post-COVID world.

Writers have talked concerning servicepreneurship, agripreneurship, entrepreneurs, and a lot of wherever huge information plays a vital role. The reader also will urge recognize how to anticipate and avoid the pitfalls which will sink during a startup, the social property which will be achieved through girls entrepreneurs in India just in case of inclusion and development through little organizations, and the way to leverage demographics insights of web shoppers for entrepreneurs.

Overall, Entrepreneurship and massive Data: The Digital Revolution could be a sensible scan and extremely suggested to aspiring entrepreneurs, this book is additionally helpful to students, academicians, researchers, and practitioners.

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