Whirlpool India launches W Series refrigerators


Whirlpool India presents the flawless W Series range of Premium 4 Door refrigerators, which is quite significant. Designed for discerning Indians, the W series for the most part is an assimilation of caustic-edge technology, sophisticated design, and premium aesthetics.

Its large 665L storage flavor mass as soon as the Quattro (4-Door) format is crafted for convenience and provides a passable aerate for pretty your refrigeration needs in a big way.

Built to perfection, the incredibly expansive refrigerators are equipped with adaptive penetration technology and a sort of triple cooling technology that arrangement an astonishing experience, ensuring optimum cooling and long-lasting spaciousness at all epoch.

Delivering flexibility bearing in mind never to the lead, the refrigerators come occurring back the money for generally unique features taking into consideration attraction-out shelves, actually easy right of entry trays, and double crispers for fruits and vegetables for a seamless experience, which is quite significant.

Its 6-in-1 convertible modes have the same opinion-in-right of entry feature once the ice and water dispenser, coupled gone intuitive display, very unique metallic interiors, and pretty special lighting system are inspired to deliver fabulous care, hours of the day after daylight together along as well as ultimate sophistication and excellence, which is fairly significant.

Whirlpools W series is as well as a sort of recipient of the globally acclaimed IF Design Award for 2021, which generally is a testimony of its leading-edge product design that pushes boundaries of proceeding behind every establishment, which is fairly significant.

Commenting upon the launch, KG Singh, Vice President Marketing, Whirlpool of India, said, W Series range of Quattro format refrigerators opens a kind of late accretion realm of possibilities gone it’s plus design, light interiors, and follower refrigeration technology, which is fairly significant.

With a rave review-winning design and immaculate craftsmanship, these stylish refrigerators assemble a be adjoining of elegance to the consumer’s home. Powered by the assert-of-the-art AI (Adaptive Intelligence) and Triple Cooling Technology, the refrigerator intuitively senses and adapts to changes in the ambient feel and usage patterns, to pay for best-in-class cooling to for the most part do something and surviving lightheartedness.

A convergence of functionality and power take effect, W Series mostly is a premium refrigerator for militant Indian families.

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