Trends in the OOH and experiential marketing in 2022


It was during the pandemic, OOH (Out-of-Home) advertising got thrust on tier-II and tier-III cities. The DOOH (Digital-Out-of-Home) is expected to scale up in the coming years.

The advantage of live feeds in DOOH is that they give better optimization and easiness to manage campaigns in real-time.

The CEO of MOMS Outdoor Media, Jayesh Yagnik said that the market is getting more suitable for the audience rather than the media. He said that the goal is now to advertise where the audience is present and not where the media is present which used to be the case.

DOOH because of its dynamic nature on creative adaptability, ability to change creatives, programmatic solutions, backed by data and science will take it to a new height. He talks bout the latest trend that is the addition of various categories in the list of heavy OOH spenders such as OTTs, food/ grocery delivery apps and small finance banks/payment gateways.

These new BFSI categories are predicted to come in the commanding categories list. OOH is expected to increase its inventory.

The Managing Director of Eyetalk Media Ventures, Gautam Bhirani said that digital specialists and marketers are adapting to DOOH 2.0. It is technologically advanced and connects the ecosystem while helping to plan. The content-first approach of OOH is expected to grow further.

The recent rush in connected displays and the roadside DOOH media brands have started changing content strategy for the new digital canvas.

The Founder of Wrap2Earn, Elmer Dsilva thinks that over the next year, a consistent increase will be witnessed in the digital outdoor formats of the display. With the capacity to run multiple ads on a single screen, the dynamics of cost is evident too. The digital medium allows tweaking the campaign in real-time.

Experiential Trends

As a result of the pandemic, experiential forms are also emerging in their hybrid forms. Consumers, brands and marketers are warming up to this marketing trend. Signs are there in the future, it may even go back to the pre-2020 stage. 

Chief Executive Officer of Shobiz Experiential Communications, Sameer Tobaccowala, said that in the on-ground events, the categories you need to feel and touch, an increase can be seen.

This hybrid model can become an additional revenue generator for the emerging experiential world. Because the in-person and virtual elements are combined, it is easy to reach out to a large audience.

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