Triller & Jio Saavan’s global collaboration


Music-focused social video app, Triller and audio streaming network, JioSaavn, have confirmed a long term business collaboration to create a shared, cross-channel stream that will expand the interaction of both their Indian user base with their content.

The company has collaborated with Reliance’s JioSaavan music app in order to embed Triller videos into ‘front and centre’ player.

As part of what Triller said was the “first of many news releases coming from these two digital powerhouses,” JioSaavn app will also provide a “key” button on its start screen that will enable its people to make a Triller video, the American company said.

In the coming months, JioSaavn will be merging with Triller, driving growth and subscribers to both services. The music service unveiled a new ‘Living Search’ earlier this year with recommendations, and Shorties-15 seconds looping videos that accompany chosen songs. This global collaboration will provide JioSaavn users with constantly updated, exclusive Triller video content from top performers and songs.

In the player, the modules and artist accounts on JioSaavn and Triller Shorties will include artist callouts and Triller branding, enabling users to check out their social content site. Customers will also have the option to film their own videos for an opportunity to make it feature on JioSaavn. Starting with single videos for the Top 100 musicians and albums, the music streaming site will feature Triller video packs for as many top downloaded musicians as possible over time and refresh them regularly.

Mike Lu, Triller’s chief executive, said, “Internationally, Triller already has licensing deals with several of the major studios, including Warner Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and Universal, encouraging customers to create content from a large catalogue of songs. This aim of this collaboration is to localize and personalize our app’s appeal to the Indian ecosystem’”

Rishi Malhotra, JioSaavn’s co-founder and CEO, said, “We created a user-centric and data-driven system with an emphasis on customer engagement and innovative original content. As we expand we’re committed to advancing our world-class product; always at the music and entertainment intersection. At the heart of anything we do is linking artists to millions of fans. Our partnership with Triller across platforms allows artists to create and share our culture in the most creative ways. We are optimistic both businesses will expand exponentially through this relationship.


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