‘Two teacher advantage’, the new way of learning by BYJU’s


Byju’s, the world’s leading educational technology company is now breaking boundaries and introducing the right and appropriate way of learning. Byju’s has been the go-to tuition for several subjects for students around the country since 2011.

Byju’s has been everyone’s favorite for its innovative classes. The attention students get from this online platform is also commendable. The ad contains the brand ambassador, Shah Rukh Khan educating the viewers about the new initiative Byju’s has been up to.

The ad, created and conceptualized by Springworks, begins with a catchy song sung by Shah Rukh Khan, narrating the story of a young girl named Khushi. The ad is about how Khushi has become ‘Too good’. Initially, we see Khushi who is too bored and tired from her offline, regular tuition. It had consumed her time and energy completely.

Even with all the time and effort given off in her regular tuitions, she still was not able to score well in science and maths as she was completely confused with the topic. Then Shah Rukh Khan begins to explain how Khushi’s mother introduced Khushi to Byju’s app. But here not just the app is the focus but the app’s ‘Two teacher advantage’.

Taking this new method helps Khushi become ‘Too good’ at whatever she was finding hard to process in school. With this Shah Rukh Khan says “Jab tuition ho too good, tho results too good”, which translates to if one’s tuition is too good, then their results too will be too good.

But what is this ‘Two teacher advantage?’ It is a new way of learning. The two teacher advantage by Byju involves giving an experience and education process for students who will have one teacher explaining the concepts visually, interactively, and interestingly while simultaneously another teacher will be present to make sure that the concepts are clear for the student by giving him or her personalized attention.

This way concepts are clear as well as the feeling of one is being attended to is also present. The first and the second teacher are both present together, just like how it is shown in the ad. This method helps students learn their concepts effectively and with great clarity. This results in great performances by students in academics.

The new method has been the first of its kind in educating technology in the country.

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