BYJU’S heart-warming initiative to celebrate teachers


BYJU’s is India’s most loved and used learning app in the country and it is also the world’s most valued educational technology company, in the world. This very organization has taken the effort to honor our heroes that don’t get the gratitude they deserve and has been working backstage, our teachers.

The pandemic has made things really difficult for both students and teachers. Students had to adapt to learning online and teachers had to adapt to teaching online swiftly. This is where BYJU’s salutes teachers for their persistent work and tireless determination in bringing up a generation full of heroes.

The short film was named #learnunlearnrelarn to emphasize the process that teachers have been going through for the last one and half years. They had to learn how to deal with technology, take interactive and creative classes, lead their personal lives, make question papers and correct them online on software over papers, etc. 

This teacher’s day was indeed like no other. This short film also emphasizes that no geographical boundaries, age limit, and family construction has led to teachers quitting on us, even when they easily could have.

Byju’s, founded in 2011, is an educational technology company that has been making concepts for students easy, fun, creative, and interesting for the past 11 years, online. So the Byju team knows the stress, the process, the routine, and the difficulty of teaching online. 

Therefore, this initiative is more of an appreciation based on a personal level. BYJU’s were able to put themselves in our teachers’ place and understand and acknowledge their struggles and problems.

BYJU’s was also able to point out their strengths and their courage to stick through the hurdle and come out even stronger, just for their students. The learning app was able to do this because they themselves are teachers, who were once students. 

They know what it is to be an influential teacher therefore they are honoring teachers throughout the country. It is high time that we do the same, honor, and be grateful to our teachers, now more than ever as they give their best for us every single day.

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