Microsoft celebrates teacher’s day


There is no better way to say how important teachers are than by celebrating them on a day signifying their honor and Microsoft acknowledges the very same. ‘Ladoo ki Khoj’ is a very sensitive and heartwarming short film reminding us why our teachers are special heroes.

How teachers educate us and train us cannot be explained through words. Their impact on us begins from a daily and consistent effort and with a long-term effect. How they do it, we’ll never know.

Our teachers indeed are continuously serving a selfless act to enlighten thousands and millions. Microsoft team realizes what our teachers are and their influence on us and have made a short film honoring the value of teachers along with their own mission and purpose, “to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more”.

The pandemic brought in all sorts of waves, thunder, and interference making lives for both teachers and students hard and upsetting the learning process. But this did not stop teachers from doing their best. 

Regardless of what has been happening around the world, teachers came up with innovative ideas and strategies to educate students around the nation. They were able to adapt to abruptly changing teaching methods and styles and become spontaneously creative and innovative for their students, all in all, making life’s of students better.

This why celebrating teacher’s day means so much more this year. The short film also emphasizes one more thing, just like how teachers inculcate values in us every day, we should also celebrate teachers every single day rather than just on this day.

Microsoft and the team have come up with the initiative to honor teachers as well as has come up with tech-friendly video calls that include features like live captions, file sharing, online whiteboard.

The short film begins with a small boy who is suddenly made aware of how the Earth is round and how he goes through extreme measures to substantiate his curiosity and questions. The boy eventually only receives answers to his questions when his teacher and Microsoft take the initiative. 

Microsoft and our teachers are helping us day after day, hence we are to be grateful to them and look forward to our teachers and Microsoft day after day.

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