Zee Studios : India’s first to announce NFT drop on its own NFT store


The united movies vertical of Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited which has appeared as a one-stop destination for production, promotions, advertising & distribution of films across India and also the foreign markets i.e., Zee Studios is now India’s first movies studio to announce its first-ever NFT drop on its own NFT Store.

The story is powered by NFTically, and for the initiative, Zee Studios has united with the Blockchain of Polygon. Zee News is proud to announce its first-ever NFT drop by its own NFT store, powered by NFTically and integrated with the blockchain of Polygon.

Shariq Patel, CBO, Zee Studios express this as a defining moment, aligned with their initiatives and vision for ZEE Studios promises an entertaining future for cinema lovers and collectors considering their wide treasure trove of film content in many regional markets.

The CEO and Founder of NFTically Toshendra Sharma said, “Our aim is to transform the NFT space and make it available to everyone – celebrities, influencers, artists, and enterprises. With a transparent specialization in NFT awareness and also the platform (UX), we aim to attach people with their favorite collectibles, artists, and objects.”

NFTically is possibly a global B2B SaaS platform that allows celebrities, influencers, gamers, clubs & enterprises to launch their own white-label NFT store or NFT Marketplace with no high-tech knowledge.

CEO and founder of EMC Worldwide Navin Shah said, “We see major traction across and also the globe, and India are ripening to the present phenomenon. We are happy to herald this first NFT with NFTically and searching forward to bringing in more in coming times”.

EMC works worldwide with studios and types and creates exciting marketing communication assets.

CBO of Zee Studios Shariq Patel said, “It may be a specify moment for us to become the leading film studio in India to launch NFTs, and this initiative ties in with our future-facing plans.”

NFTs, facilitate your make sure that your digital assets become globally unique and one in all a sort, through the creation of a novel digital signature that identifies the ownership of your assets. The assets can then be bought and sold for currency, cryptocurrency, or another asset like an NFT.

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