Ritviz and Nucleya disclose NFT drop on WazirX NFT


India’s most leading music stars – Ritviz and Nucleya, are set to announce their new album Baaraat differently. Combining their styles and emotions in their new album- Baaraat, they’re equipped to launch one at a time starting with ‘Sathi’ on August 13. On this Independence Day, there will be the release of over 60 NFTs which are India’s biggest NFT drop on the WazirX NFT.

The NFTs will include a combination of iconic photographs, artworks that embody different phases of their careers, personal artifacts like sneakers and clothing, and special edition art pieces.

Crafted for the art lover, an enthusiastic fan, this is often able to change the way the musicians examine referring to their audiences. Personalizing the experience by offering attached benefits including access-all-areas passes to Ritviz and Nucleya shows over the subsequent few years and a chance to possess the two artists to play a party at the house. Announcing the auction feature on WazirX NFT, Ritviz & Nucleya will become the primary one to auction their digital tokens, marking a cenotaph milestone in the NFT marketplace.

Sandesh Suvarna – VP of WazirX NFT  said, “The sellout feature becomes a game-changer for the NFT enthusiast people, and we are happy to announce this exclusive work of art by India most recognized music stars Ritviz and Nucleya. As a member of this model, Both sellers and creators can make a small bidding price, and at the artwork place auction end.

“The way music has applied has changed many things over the years NFTs becomes a disruptive way to put the artist there and make a relationship with their followers. Also, how artists use this platform will surely be exciting while watching”, Suvarna said.

For both the artist, Ritviz and Hazarika the NFT marketplace feels like an organic fit, which gives a strong identity that ultimately helps in making their careers in music. For the NFT sale, both the artist as well as the counterparts have joined hands and work with the Wolves Visuals, a studio known for their game-changing experiences across the music. Fans and followers are not only able to access the visual element by both the artist but also specially crafted art pieces and videos showing the new collaboration.

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