UBON Celebrates Exclusive Collaboration with ‘Fukrey 3’ with an Exciting Giveaway

UBON Celebrates Exclusive Collaboration with 'Fukrey 3' with an Exciting Giveaway

3rd October, 2023: UBON, India’s leading Gadget Accessory Consumer Electronics brand, is proud to announce its exclusive collaboration with the highly anticipated Bollywood movie, ‘Fukrey 3’. As part of this exciting partnership, UBON hosted a thrilling giveaway on its official page and integrated its products into the film, offering fans an opportunity to win fabulous prizes.

This collaboration with ‘Fukrey 3’ has captured the excitement of fans across the nation, with a trending giveaway on UBON’s official page. Participants have been actively engaging with the contest, showing their enthusiasm for the film and UBON’s exceptional gadgets.

Participating in UBON’s exclusive ‘Fukrey 3’ collaboration giveaway could not be easier, and the rewards are simply fantastic! Participants have the chance to win exciting prizes, including 2 Free Tickets to ‘Fukrey 3’ along with a premium Ubon Speaker for the Grand Prize winners, 2 Free Tickets to ‘Fukrey 3’ for the 2nd Place winners, and 2 Free Tickets to ‘Fukrey 3’ for the 3rd Place winners.

“UBON is pleased to announce its collaboration with ‘Fukrey 3,’ a partnership that resonates deeply with our brand’s core values. This association is about more than just promotion; it reflects our commitment to serving the needs of today’s tech-savvy consumers and those constantly on the move. We believe that entertainment plays a vital role in modern lifestyles, and ‘Fukrey 3’ encapsulates the spirit of fun and adventure that we aim to bring to our customers. This collaboration signifies our dedication to connecting with our audience through shared experiences and innovative offerings. We are excited to be a part of ‘Fukrey 3’ and look forward to providing our customers with a unique opportunity to enjoy the film,” said Mr. Lalit Arora, Co-Founder of UBON.

To take part in the contest, individuals have to follow a few simple steps. Firstly, they need to ensure they are following UBON’s official page on Instagram to stay in the loop and connected. Secondly, participants can show their support by liking the giveaway post using a heart emoji. The third step encourages participants to share the joy with their movie-loving friends by tagging them using. And for those seeking an extra chance at winning, they can share UBON’s giveaway post in their Stories and tag UBON for a bonus entry!

These uncomplicated actions present participants with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the comedic world of ‘Fukrey 3’ with UBON’s enticing prizes. It is an opportunity worth exploring, offering a chance to partake in the excitement and perhaps win some fantastic rewards. Wishing the best of luck to all participants!


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