UN Tax Committee – 25 members appointed


Rasmi Ranjan Das, Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Finance, is part of a renowned group of 25 experts from around the world appointed as members of the UN Tax Committee for the period 2021-2025.

UN on International Cooperation on Tax Matters, guides countries’ efforts to develop stronger and better-informed tax policies, adapted to the realities of global trade and finance, an increasingly digitized economy, and a worsening environmental degradation. It helps countries in their efforts to retain double or more taxes as well as non-taxes, increase their base taxes, strengthen their tax administration, and prevent international tax evasion and avoidance.

The new member of the Committee brings together professionals in the tax area in various areas of choice, such as double taxation, price conversion, evasion, and dispute resolution, tax on commercial transactions, tax evasion, economic numbers, environmental taxes, and aggregate taxes. As elected by their governments, the committee members act in their own power, said a fact sheet published by the UN.

Das is Deputy Secretary – (FT & TR -I), Central Council for Direct Taxes, Ministry of Revenue, Ministry of Finance. Other members of the UN Tax Committee appointed by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres hail from countries like Nigeria, Chile, South Korea, Malawi, Mexico, Ireland, Indonesia, Myanmar, Angola, Russia, Canada, Norway, Germany, Italy, Sweden, and China. The Committee focuses specifically on developing countries and their environmental policies, with a large number of newly appointed members drawn from developing countries. For the first time since its inception, the Committee introduced a large number of professional girls.

The United Nations Tax Committee encourages international cooperation on national and international tax matters and works closely with government, civil society, business, and education observers to develop policy and strengthen a policy audience.

The United Nations Tax Committee was particularly impressive, eliminating the need to cut tax issues and other new sectors such as taxes from the digitized economy. ATAF is still looking to partner with the new member and build on the same support in the new part of Africa that we did in its predecessors,” said Logan Wort, Africa tax director. For the primary time since its inception, the Committee features a majority of girls experts. The first meeting of the new members of the Committee will happen in October 2021, during which the experts will determine the work plan for his or her term, the statement added.

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