UniScholars unveils its first brand campaign ‘The Right Door’ featuring cricket star Suryakumar Yadav as a brand ambassador


The collaboration embodies the spirit of a 360-degree approach, aligning perfectly with UniScholars’ commitment to guiding students at every step of their study-abroad journey through its three comprehensive verticals

India, August 31st, 2023: UniScholars, India’s fastest-growing integrated study-abroad platform, is set to make waves with its debut campaign, aptly titled ‘The Right Door’. Selection of Suryakumar Yadav as the brand ambassador is a significant move that blends perfectly with the campaign’s essence. By enlisting Surya, renowned for his wide-ranging appeal and determined commitment, UniScholars aims to strengthen its mission of guiding students through its three comprehensive verticals at every step of their study-abroad journey.

‘The Right Door’ aims to inspire the crucial need for providing students with clarity and confidence in an increasingly unsteady global educational landscape with plenty of options. The campaign highlights the critical importance of identifying the ideal study-abroad partner to empower students in making informed decisions. Since its inception, UniScholars has evolved into a comprehensive 360-degree service platform, bringing together essential services seamlessly. 

The study abroad journey for a student commences with UniScholars, a one-stop solution providing help with test prep, university and course shortlisting and VISA assistance. Followed by UniCreds, which has partnered with over 15+ lenders to provide the best abroad education loans. Finally, the journey concludes with UniAcco, the largest global student accommodation platform that helps students find accommodation with 10K+ properties across the globe. 

Sharing his views, Abhishek Sharma, CMO at UniScholars said, “We are thrilled to introduce our first brand campaign featuring Suryakumar Yadav as our esteemed brand ambassador. The path of studying abroad can come with uncertainties. Through this campaign, we aspire to commit our unwavering support at every point of this remarkable journey, ensuring that students feel secure and well-guided. Surya Kumar’s outstanding accomplishments and unparalleled work ethic align seamlessly with the core values we hold dear at UniScholars. We are glad to be associated with him”. 

Suryakumar Yadav said, “I am pleased to be associated with Unischolars. Education is a great equalizer and plays a very vital role in a person’s overall growth as an individual. I believe it is imperative that everyone gets the best possible opportunity to pursue an educational programme of their choice. It is great to see Unischolars helping out aspiring students who wish to study abroad and work towards their dream”

Surya’s appointment as the brand ambassador represents the 360-degree approach which comes in perfect harmony with UniScholars’ dedication to assisting students at every step of their study abroad journey. With his immense popularity among the youth of India, Surya will contribute to fostering a stronger sense of trust and reliability in UniScholars’ services, further solidifying its position as the go-to platform for students aspiring to study abroad. UniScholars unveils its first brand campaign ‘The Right Door’ featuring cricket star SuryakumarYadav as a brand ambassador


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