Urban Living receives a branding and CRM mandate from Sahiti Group


Sahiti Group, an Andhra Pradesh-based real estate developer, has hired Urban Living to handle branding, project expansions, and client retention.

Dr. Boodati Lakshmi Narayana started the Sahiti Group, a renowned real estate developer in Hyderabad, in 2010. Sahiti Group has completed over 20 immaculate real estate locations in the residential and commercial divisions since its start, with another 15 projects in the pipeline.

The employment of Urban Living will have the impact of streamlining customer queries, assisting Sahiti with informed project expansion, fundraising, and building a framework for end-users to effectively communicate with the real estate player.

Naveen Mypala launched Urban Living, a real estate development management and design services firm. It provides comprehensive services and advice that cover the whole development process, from property audits and development strategies to project delivery and sale/lease.

Furthermore, Urban Living employs cutting-edge decision-making CRM and sales solutions to boost developer efficiency and the consumer experience. They also assist their clients with fundraising and revenue management, concentrating on customer demand and product pricing to maximize revenue development.

We try to create a faultless trip for all of our clients,” said Dr. BL Narayana, Founder of Sahiti Group. Our collaboration with Urban Living is an effort to make our internal team and homeowners more accessible. We want to be better prepared for future projects and the kind of communications we have with current and potential customers.”

The construction and real estate industries employ approximately 51 million people and account for nearly 9% of India’s GDP. The recent shutdown and many restrictions imposed as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak have significantly harmed the Indian construction industry.

Even though certain experts and research firms predict continued growth in the construction industry in India through 2021 and beyond, the sector faces some obstacles.

Construction firms are confronted with several challenges, including rising material and labor costs, labor shortages, increased competition, and shrinking profit margins. The construction industry lost approximately 2 million jobs during the recession, and it has been difficult to restore employment to pre-recession levels.

During April-June 2020, only 19,038 units were sold in India’s largest residential marketplaces. Only 12,564 new units were deployed on the supply side during the three months when viral infection rates in India skyrocketed.

Not only that, but home buyers also had to deal with challenges like virtual site inspections during the pandemic, cumbersome paperwork, delayed projects, and EMI moratorium complications, among other things.

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