VDO.AI Successfully Hosts Its Publisher Conclave in Thailand, Igniting Collaboration and Inspiring Success

VDO.AI Successfully Hosts Its Publisher Conclave in Thailand
VDO.AI Successfully Hosts Its Publisher Conclave in Thailand, Igniting Collaboration and Inspiring Success

[Delhi, July 18, 2023] VDO.AI, the industry-leading digital video advertising platform, has concluded its highly successful Publisher Conclave in Thailand. The three-day event, held on July 15-17, brought together more than 20 AdTech experts from renowned Indian media houses. The event created an unparalleled platform for connecting, discovering new opportunities, and fostering collaboration.

The conclave featured engaging discussions centered around the theme “Discover The Science Of 3S’ – Stability, Scalability, and Success.” Esteemed industry experts and thought leaders shared their invaluable insights and experiences, empowering attendees with actionable strategies to navigate the evolving video advertising landscape successfully.

The panelists delved deep into the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in programmatic advertising, exploring topics such as video ad placement, user engagement, and effective targeting methods. The thought leaders provided valuable strategies to overcome obstacles and drive success in the competitive video advertising market. 

Looking at the resounding success of this event, Amitt Sharma, CEO at VDO.AI said, “We are delighted to offer a platform that allows publishers to connect, share their experiences, and exchange ideas, thereby enriching their perspectives on the challenges and opportunities within the dynamic digital advertising domain. The remarkable response and resounding success of our inaugural Publisher Conclave in Thailand fills us with joy and reinforces the importance of such industry gatherings in fostering collaboration and driving growth.”

“We aspire to organize larger summits next year in the US and UK for our global publishers, aiming to engage a wider array of industry leaders. By bringing together an extended network of professionals, we aim to create a platform that amplifies the impact of knowledge sharing and further fuels innovation in the rapidly evolving digital advertising landscape,” said Arjit Sachdeva, Co-Founder of VDO.AI.

VDO.AI extends its heartfelt gratitude to all the publishers, partners, and industry experts who contributed to the success of the Publisher Conclave. The unwavering support and active participation of attendees played a pivotal role in creating an event that left an indelible impact, poised to reshape the scene of digital advertising.