Ventes and Picsart’s successful ‘Tanishq Challenge’


Tanishq unveiled their new Utsaah Collection, which celebrates the joys of togetherness, courage, and determination.  

In an effort to garner engagement for the launch of this exquisite collection, Ventes Avenues and Picsart were roped in for collaboration.  

Ventes Avenues is a mobile advertisement tech company that focuses on mobile performance, branding, technology, and Audience Solution.  

The digital creation platform, Picsart helps brands communicate with their users in organic and innovative ways while also increasing brand recognition and reach.  

Engaging the Picsart community, a 5-day ‘Tanishq Challenge’ was kicked off by both companies.  

The creators were challenged to create innovative edits using different backgrounds and a Tanishq necklace.  

“Replays” is a unique feature of Picsart where the users could recreate original edits, making it an easier way to personalize the edits for the users.  

Picsart developed two Replays, presenting the Tanishq Utsaah Collection with different jewelry pieces as objects that the user can use creatively and adjust however they wish to.  

To maximize engagement, the Replays were pinned to the top of the Picsart homepage.  

In just seven days, the replays received 25.84 million views making the whole campaign a huge success.  

“We wanted to encourage our loved community to adorn the Utsaah collection in real-time and be the authentic face of celebration and cheer,” Tanasha Amlani, Dep, Brand Manager at Tanishq stated.  

People added their own charm to the meticulously crafted pieces as a result of this collaboration, elevating the Utsaah this festive season, she added.  

Picsart’s Country Head for India, Ravish Jain said, “Our community loves interacting with brands in this unique way, and Tanishq’s new collection fits beautifully into the images they created.”  

He also remarked that it is a great opportunity for a brand to promote the products in front of a vast audience in the medium that they are most comfortable with: creativity.  

The winner of the challenge was given a chance to be featured in the Picsart Winner’s Gallery, an opportunity for recognition.  

In-app promotions and push notifications aided the campaign’s growth, allowing for greater user engagement and interaction with the brand integration.  

“It has been a pleasure to collaborate with Tanishq for their Utsaah campaign,” commented Fauzan Rahim, Co-Founder of Ventes Avenues.  

When they were initially briefed about the campaign, Picsart – A Digital creation platform that was tailor-made for the Tanishq Utsaah Festive Campaign was perceived.  

As the festive season was approaching and people were actively using Social Media apps to share their photos and stories, Picsart was the first place they went to add creativity and enhance their photos.  

He further added that’s what makes Picsart the best platform for generating user engagement for the Tanishq Utsaah Campaign.  

He also expressed his gratitude to Tanishq for taking the leap of faith and trusting them and their recommendation to conduct their campaign successfully. 

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