Mithila Palkar as EatFit’s new pizza range brand ambassador


Mithila Palkar was announced as the brand ambassador for EatFit’s multigrain pizza range, one of India’s top healthy food platforms. 

EatFit, Curefoods’ flagship brand, aims to make eating healthy, fun, and sustainable while also offering delicious flavors that appeal to the Indian palate. 

Following the remarkable success of its Kulcha Burgers, the company is now considering launching daily versions of entertainment food such as burgers and pizzas.  

EatFit is now introducing a variety of multigrain pizzas, that will be accessible in more than ten cities throughout India in the coming months.  

Eatfit is the only national brand in India that offers this one-of-a-kind, healthy option. 

Mithila Palkar, a popular actress for her acclaimed OTT work portrays a modern yet authentic Indian persona, which is sincere, joyful, and kind, qualities that millennials and Gen-Z today love and relate to.  

EatFit’s brand identity is ‘honestly Indian’ and dedicated to bringing healthy deliciousness wrapped in authentic Desi flavors within the fast-food industry.  

The company manages this by utilizing all-natural sauces and avoiding the use of preservatives in the food.  

Two ad films will be aired during sports events and will be amplified through OTT platforms and social media in the first quarter of 2022 featuring Mithila.  

EatFit’s creative agency Purple Mango conceptualized these ad films, which will kick off a three-year partnership between EatFit and Mithila Palkar.  

Gokul Kandhi, EatFit’s Business Head, said of the collaboration, “We are excited for Ms. Mithila to join the team.” 

They feel the collaboration will provide the company with a fresh perspective that is in alignment with the brand identity they are creating. 

He also added that going into 2022, they will be focusing on marketing and advertising initiatives aimed at their millennial demographic, particularly those with a strong interest in sports.  

Mithila is the perfect ambassador for their target audiences, like the EatFit brand she exudes authenticity and is truly Indian at heart, he remarked. 

He concluded by expressing his excitement to collaborate with her on future efforts. 

Mithila Palkar said of the collaboration, “I am very excited to join EatFit as their brand ambassador and roll out these new ad films to promote their new line of tasty and healthy multigrain pizzas.” 

She remarked she is in awe of their work and dedication to provide Indians with honest and wholesome food.  

Adding further to it she said, this is a great opportunity for her to share more about healthy eating with her followers, and is thrilled to be a part of spreading this wonderful message.  

She winded up saying what they’ve made is genuinely remarkable, and it ought to be shared with a wider audience. 

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