Videos emoting surprise to drive conversions during Pandemic !


Video advertising which drove attention with the emotion of ‘surprise’ within the primary three seconds resulted in an exceedingly 360% performance increase during the lockdowns. On the opposite hand, video advertising featuring happy emotions saw 64% come by conversions.

When more consumers used their smartphones for shopping through apps and social media content and video ads that featured surprised faces, outdoor settings and girls were found to be more practical. During the pandemic, the foremost common reason for consumers to shop for products and services is their helpfulness or ability to satisfy a selected need, a separate study by researcher Morning Consult found.Brands that are looking to drive online sales must consider how their video creativity will affect the shopping behavior of consumers. It’s true for social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook which have increased their support for online shopping during the pandemic.

As per the VidMob report, “Video advertisements that showed surprising emotions, outdoor settings and ladies are simpler than other varieties of creative during the coronavirus pandemic”.

Another research of video ad form VidMob which verified consumer purchase rates as a measure of ad effectiveness across almost 9,000 ads from 44 eCommerce brands.

In the email by Sammy Salustri, VidMob data scientist commented, “It’s possible that seeing a girl within the primary three seconds led to higher purchase rates because women tend to be the acquisition decision-makers for categories like beauty, care, baby products, and health OTC. But this is often not always the case. Showing men on screen can drive higher KPIs for CPG brands, which points to the requirement for ongoing creative analysis. Many factors influence consumer reaction to ad visuals and make them understand how, when, and why responses change.”The purchase rate of Serene videos during lockdowns was 156%. Advertisements showing women drove a 325% increase in performance compared with a 41% decline for ads showing men.

As per a report, “Viewers also responded positively to ads with outdoor settings, which experienced a 60% increase in purchase rate while ads showing indoor settings saw a 57% decline as lockdowns took effect. VidMob analyzed almost 8,700 ads from 44 e-commerce and consumer foodstuff (CPG) brands that ran sales conversion campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and Facebook Audience Network from Jan 1 to May 8”.


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