Zomato rides the taste bud waves with a new campaign


Zomato is all upping its game through the brand-new commercial which is presented notably in a ‘mailer’ and very much reminds Zomato’s patrons which says, it is very much safer to order food, despite the chaos around the Coronavirus pandemic.

Zomato has always made sure that they created witty yet persuasive content when it comes to their commercials. The ads have always been catchy and have made the consumers fall for it. In the current pandemic crisis, Zomato has come up with the concept of normal locked down people getting fed up with the usual ‘Ghar ka khana’. The ad depicts an adorable mother-son duo which we find in every other household. The mother trying hard to excite her son with the cooking, but the son can’t help but crave some specials and end up ordering online. Zomato also makes it very certain that it depicts the importance of safe delivery of food, abiding by all the safety regulations, and making sure that food delivery happens in a sanitized manner.

Zomato manages to be in the right kind of limelight every time. They choose the quirkiest of one-liners on an increasingly short attention span crowd. Be it a current issue on the news or a trending Bollywood song, their advertisements have made a forever mark in our head, which has always made Zomato one of the front runners in this industry. You see a red board with white text and you know it’s Zomato- that’s how powerful their campaign is. Minimalist, but effective.

Not just outdoor, but even online where accounts die to get followers, there Zomato has a celebrity presence. Their posts are so creative that you want to stop swiping and give it the attention it deserves- which is an achievement in itself. It’s interesting, funny, intelligent, and minimal.          

Since starting their services as ‘FoodieBay’, Zomato has been redefining the spectrum of marketing and is now one of the most innovative campaigns in India. Their ads seem to touch hearts and hit home. This is exactly how they have crafted their latest ad as well.


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