Its “safe” to order pizza: Domino’s guarantees families in their new promotion video


The Coronavirus pandemic has radically affected business in the food delivery sector, and the ways to recovery seem long and winding. Considering the current conditions, Domino’s has launched an advertisement which features a family assembling around, and enjoying, a hot pizza. The ad, which has been made by FCB India, has close-up shots of the pizza, along with which shots of family members of different ages eating it.

Actually, the ad’s emphasis is not on giving the kitchen a ‘break’ but, instead of that, it simply conveys that how ‘safe’ it is to order pizza from Domino’s during this pandemic period. Visuals of the advertisement show gloved hands, which are kneading and tossing the pizza dough to emphasize that it is ‘untouched’ by human hands at any point in its making. The advertisement also conveys that it offers contactless deliveries too.

Domino’s is one of the early brands that pioneered food delivery in India, with a guarantee to deliver quite hot pizzas within 30 minutes, or less. Zomato entered the Indian food delivery segment in 2015, a year after its opponent Swiggy. Domino’s kept on playing the delivery game – enhanced by orders from these food delivery platforms and also from its own app.

When the Coronavirus started spreading in India, food delivery applications/organizations saw a dip in their sales figures. The nationwide lockdown came into effect on March 25, 2020. On April 4, The Economic Times reported that within a small period of 10 days, all online food delivery orders for Zomato and Swiggy were down by 70 percent, to fewer than one million orders per day. Domino’s has been in difficulty because of gossip that one of its delivery staffs had gotten the Coronavirus.

Surjo Dutt, NCD, FCB, clarifies that the brief from Domino’s was to communicate that the Domino’s makes pizza, which is safe for consumption. So, they decided to display the science behind making it.

“Whether it’s the fact that no human hands have come in contact with any of the ingredients or elements and the uttermost heat through which the pizza goes to destroy germs and various infections causing viruses, or the way that they are delivered with no contact. Along with which all that needed is to communicate in a way that tempts the customers back into pizza ordering,” said Dutt.


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