Vidyanjali Higher Education Volunteer Programme registration started


The Ministry of Education has opened registration for Vidyanjali Higher Education Volunteer Programme. The goal is to build a strong team of volunteers who can help the country’s higher education system by providing academic, training, and infrastructure support.

Volunteers and institutions can register at to join the programme. Individuals could enrol on the platform for the specific areas in which they wish to assist.

Volunteers can then approach Higher Education institutes directly and offer the institution’s academic offerings and operations with the necessary knowledge and skills. Volunteers can also provide assets and equipment to support organizations.

Through the cooperation of the community, business and public sector, NGOs, NRIs, and PIOs, the Vidyanjali Higher Education Volunteer Program aims to strengthen support for students, faculties, and institutions of higher education through volunteerism.

Prof. M.P. Poonia, the vice-chairman of the AICTE, announced the registration for the Vidyanjali Higher Education Volunteer Program and expressed views as:

This is a significant Ministry of Education (MOE) project that will boost the country’s higher education programme. Nearly 40 million students are enrolled in higher education, and our top priority is to ensure that they receive benefits from both the government and society.

We want to turn India’s large youth population into a great human resource for the country. This is consistent with our goal of creating an Aatmanirbhar Bharat. To make this programme a success, we need to bring together all the available resources in the country and pool them together.

This effort would bring together various volunteers from the Indian community, including young professionals, retired/working teachers, retired/working government officials, professionals, and postgraduate and doctoral students.

Through the platform, supporters can use their skills and specialized support they wish to offer known to the institutions. The site can also be used by organisations to advertise their volunteer needs.

Volunteers can participate in about 27 academic activities and sponsorship services in exchange for their time. Volunteers can also help institutions with basic civil and electrical infrastructure, teaching equipment, and digital infrastructure.

The Vidyanjali Higher Education Volunteer Program is part of the government of India’s Aatmanirbhar Bharat initiative.

Aatmanirbhar Bharat focuses on the ideas of self-reliance for the sector and the economy by helping to create new prospects for the home market. As global competitors in key markets around the world continue to embrace China plus one approach, COVID-19 plays an important role in developing this new wave for the Indian textile sector.

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