Fintech exclusively catering to the youth


The world is rapidly digitalizing, with at least 84% of the world’s firms increasingly digitalizing their activities. This will certainly result in further job losses, with more businesses preferring individuals with cutting-edge digital capabilities.

According to the “Future of Occupations in India – a 2022 Perspective” research by FICCI, NASSCOM, and EY, by 2022, 9% of Indians would be working in professions that do not exist today, and 37% of the Indian population will be working in jobs that need fundamentally different skill sets.

“In a country with the second most internet users and one of the fastest-growing startup ecosystems, fintech companies are developing fresh solutions to cater to young India. The tech-savvy youthful generation in India is enthusiastically adopting digital payment innovation. They are prepared to move beyond cash and use their mobile phones to make payments in a few clicks and swipes.

Even when it comes to hiring, forward-thinking fintechs must place their bets on young workers who are enthusiastic about technology and making a good difference in the world around them. They must invest in training programs and other in-house activities to assist these young recruits in improving their abilities and maintaining a good work-life balance.

We have continual engagement activities for our young workers at Pine Labs that assist them to perform better. Keeping frequent in-house sessions to take a break from work helps employees reduce weariness and stay energized,” said Kush Mehra, Chief Business Officer, Pine Labs.

Upskilling and reskilling have become essential as a result of digital developments, particularly for younger generations. With one of the world’s youngest populations, India has the potential to become a global skills powerhouse, but young professionals and businesses must work together to make that happen.

Fintech firms across the board are not only making obvious attempts to upskill their employees but are also devising approaches to keep them motivated and help them thrive at work.

“In this era of a Digitally Intelligent Workforce, it is equally vital for young working professionals to upskill and gain hands-on experience in developing technologies. Fiserv is a multigenerational company, therefore we must develop talent at all levels and ages. 

“At Fiserv, our YoPro Employee Resource Group, which was recently launched in India, is specifically designed to help fuel the growth and development of associates in the early stages of their careers at Fiserv,” said Vishal Pratapwant, Head Engineering and Innovation, Fiserv Global Services, and Executive Sponsor YoPro.

The younger generation has remained an unexplored market, with little access to the advantages and simpler services that they demand. As a result, numerous Fintechs cater solely to the youth.

Today’s millennials and Generation Z in India are accustomed to the greatest electronic goods available anywhere in the world, and as a result, they have a high standard of customer service.

The tech-savvy generation is reimagining the customer experience by choosing simpler banking and being willing to acquire everything with the swipe of a smartphone screen.

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