SBI marking 75th of independence by 0.15 % interest on  FD accounts


To mark the 75th anniversary of India’s independence, the State Bank of India (SBI) has offered “Platinum Term Deposits” for its clients. A client will get an extra interest benefit of up to 15 basis points (0.15 percent) on term deposits of 75 days, 75 weeks, and 75 months under this new term deposit scheme. The promotion is only valid for term deposits booked between 15-08-2021 and 14-09-2021.

SBI clients who wish to apply for a house loan this Independence Day can do so as well. The bank also announced on Twitter that on Independence Day, walk into your ideal house with ZERO* processing fees on Home Loans.

Customers of the State Bank of India (SBI) are eligible for a special deal. The hunt for new houses comes to an end on Independence Day, as the SBI has announced a special deal for people wanting to purchase new dwellings. Under this offer, one can obtain a house loan from the country’s largest public-sector bank without paying any processing fees.

SBI is now giving 3.90 percent interest on a 75-day term deposit. As a result, FDs booked under the Platinum Term Deposits for 75 days will earn 4.05 percent. Similarly, deposits with terms of 75 weeks and 75 months will earn 5.15 percent and 5.55 percent, respectively, instead of the current 5% and 5.4 percent.

SBI has launched many additional deals for its retail clients. Among these are:

  • A complete waiver of processing costs for all vehicle loan clients across all channels. 
  • Customers may also take advantage of up to 90% on-road financing for their automobile loans. 
  • Customers who apply for a car loan through YONO will receive a special interest discount of 25 basis points.
  • Users of YONO SBI who want to buy a new automobile may get a loan with an interest rate as low as 7.5 percent per year.

Interest rates on gold loans have been reduced by 75 basis points. Gold loans are available to SBI clients across all channels at a rate of 7.5 percent per annum. The bank has also eliminated the processing charge for any clients who apply for a gold loan through YONO. 

SBI has announced the complete elimination of processing costs for personal and pension loan clients across all channels.

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