Visit your nearest Kirana store and make Tea Time conversations crunchier


A hectic day at work can be soothed with a crunchier tea time and if you want to make tea time and tea time conversations crunchier visit your nearest kirana shop. Yes! Just buy a pack of biscuits from your nearest shop and you will find some great deals on the purchase of biscuits.

Biscuit manufacturers are rolling up their sleeves to boost up sales in the market. The effect of inflation which had crept into the household budgets and a dull economy has been affecting the consumption to a large extent. The effect was evident with the market shares of companies like Nestle India and Britannia seeing a pitfall.

The companies had been adopting various strategies to recover from the downfall.  Companies tried their hand on product mixes and price hikes to withstand the situation. After trying varied methods, companies are trying their luck with a brand new strategy of freebies. Britannia, the leader in biscuit market is offering 19 small packs of Goodday Choconut biscuits plus a container worth Rs. 50/- for a offer price of Rs. 140/-. The company is also offering a great combo which contains two packets of delicious Bourbon cream biscuits and a pack of Pure Magic which are worth Rs. 25/-each at Rs. 63/-.

A cookie jar also comes free with 150g pack of Goodday Kaju biscuits. The new player in biscuit market, McVitties is giving customers a microwave safe container with McVitties Digestive and the famous Indian namkeen Aloo Bhujiya worth Rs. 25/-.

This sudden spurt of offers on the part of the companies is part of a move to improve sales and regain market share. A research study by Nielsen shows that the market share of ITC is up by 2% to 11.3% in the last quarter of 2012 compared to 9.3 per cent in the previous quarter. ITC gained a defining edge by entering the cream biscuits category with two yummy biscuits namely Dark Fantasy Chocofills and Dream Cream. The current year is expected to bring a noteworthy change in the biscuit market with more players entering the market and the existing players doling out more and more offers.




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