Vivo India encourages parents to #SwitchOff and listen to their kids


Smartphones are ingrained in our daily routines, whether for business, communication, information, or leisure.

However, as their importance has grown, particularly post-COVID, their overuse has an influence on human interactions. Smartphones have jeopardized the quality of our interactions with those around us, even if we aren’t entirely conscious of it. It’s now affecting the parent-child connection as well.

Vivo, a smartphone manufacturer, has launched the third edition of its #SwitchOff campaign, which echoes this sentiment. It demonstrates how parents are missing opportunities to be actively engaged in their children’s lives.

The campaign is based on findings from the study ‘Impact of Smartphones on Human Relationships 2021’ by vivo-CyberMedia Research (CMR). It highlights the fact that 74% of parents admit that their children’s relationship has been harmed as a result of their excessive use of smartphones.

The study focuses on the dynamics of parent-child relationships in the face of the ubiquitous presence of smartphones in homes.

The ad film, created by Lowe Lintas, has an emotional plot. It demonstrates how, before the smartphone, a healthy father-son relationship was one of “best buddies.” The father’s character, played by actor Jimmy Shergil, eventually understands the necessity to disengage and rekindle his relationship with his son.

“The epidemic has made digital technology and smartphone devices a vital requirement for all of us,” Yogendra Sriramula, director, brand strategy, vivo India, said of the film. We don’t always perceive it, but

“We spend a lot of time with our children, but we don’t pay attention to the quality of our time with them.” As a result, we decided to focus our efforts this year on raising awareness and understanding of how excessive smartphone usage by adults is affecting their relationships with their children. And that’s what the vivo film ‘SwitchOff’ illustrates.”

“Vivo’s goal of spreading the joy of connections through this film is to encourage users, particularly parents, to adopt good habits in order to shape the minds of our future generation. We believe the video sends a message to all of us that is both eye-opening and thought-provoking.”

“Children are really quick to pick up on the signals we send out,” said Amar Singh, regional creative officer of Lowe Lintas. And the mind of a youngster is a rich ground. Rajat, Vishal, Stuti, and Kushal created this film to examine what might be going on in a person’s mind.

The conclusions of the third edition of the study, titled ‘Impact of Smartphones on Human Relationships 2021,’ were just released by vivo. It reveals how smartphones affect consumers and their relationships.

While the amount of time spent with children and family has increased in general, the quality of that time has deteriorated, according to the study.

In addition, vivo has established a platform to analyse excessive smartphone usage and provide consumers with the necessary solutions.

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