Snap India announces the most-popular Lens of the year 2021


People use Snapchat to express themselves, live in the moment, and learn about the world around them daily, and 2021 was no exception.

Through our Camera, lenses inspire our community, allowing them to connect with their closest friends and discover unlimited possibilities.

We’ve taken some of the most cutting-edge technology and applied them to augmented reality over the years. Our vibrant community of AR professionals has created concepts that many consider futuristic and are being used by millions of Snapchatters every day.

The following is a list of lenses.

Festivals + Top Cultural Moments

Lenses provide a distinct perspective on the year’s cultural events, trends, and how our community commemorates all of India’s festivals.

In 2021, these were the most popular lenses.

Happy Diwali! by Snap:  Diwali 2021, the festival of lights, the theme was ‘Share your Light’ and with this Lens, a Snapchatter can share a Diya with their friends and family.

 The Lens recognizes your hand and places a lit Diya, an Indian oil lamp, on your palm for you to share your wishes and light. This popular Diwali Lens gained 200+  million impressions in India.

 But also, Diwali celebrations started a few weeks before Diwali itself with our community resonating with the different colored Navratri Lens each day of the 9-day festival. And to start the Diwali countdown, Snapchatters started festive season celebrations and greetings with Dussehra and Durga Puja AR Lenses.

Happy Raksha Bandhan! by Snap: Raksha Bandhan is a Hindu event that honors the love and protection between siblings. You may virtually tie a rakhi on your wrist and communicate your message with your siblings or best friends with this Lens, which uses wrist recognition technology.

Sparkling Hand (Holi) by Snap: Holi, or the festival of colors, is traditionally celebrated by dousing friends and family with various Holi colors at Holi Parties.

People couldn’t celebrate together due to COVID restrictions, but these Lenses allowed Snapchatters to fling colors using hand recognition technology or exhibit their before and after Holi Looks decked with various Holi Colors.

Top Viral Lenses: A snapshot of what’s hot on Snap in India. Throughout the year, traditional Indian jewelry or gold jewelry lenses with sunglasses were fashionable in India. On days like ‘Marathi Day’ or ‘Mad .

Lenses provide a unique view into the year’s cultural highlights, milestones in AR innovation, and trends that have had a lasting impact, with over 6 billion plays each day on average.

Join us in honoring our community and the 2021 Lenses, which have transformed the way Snapchatters create, explore, learn, and play. ras Day,’ several of the ‘Learn Language’ lenses were used.

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