Wabi2b collaborates with MyHoardings


Wabi2B is an online marketplace that allows various FMCG firms to promote and sell all of their products directly to old conventional trade establishments, satisfying through numerous channels and allowing them to get to know each consumer.

Wabi2b collaborates with MyHoardings (Jugnoo Media Private Limited) to launch a 360-degree outdoor advertising campaign in Mumbai. The campaign used OOH hoardings, BQS (Bus queue shelters), and BEST buses for branding on transit media.

According to Surendra Kumar, CEO of MyHoardings, hoardings have been put in important spots in Parel, Byculla, Thane neighbourhoods, and bus wait shelters to maximise the reach of the advertising activities.

Wabi2B, a Coca-Cola business, has several countries and is currently expanding in the Indian subcontinent. Wabi intends to transform the global consumer products business and rapidly expand its reach.

WABI, in general, is an ecosystem of many initiatives that aim to revolutionise the way customers acquire goods/products daily wholly. By bringing the local store to the consumer’s cell phone and allowing them to quickly and conveniently access their chosen brands.

Aside from outdoor billboards and bus shelters, transit media such as BEST buses and Taxi top DOOH displays on commercial fleets have also been used in the campaign to maximise campaign reach in the financial hub.

OOH, Hoardings – For centuries, outdoor advertising has served as a potent communication and advertising channel. Unlike any other electronic advertising medium, the media guarantees mass reach and visibility.

To keep up with the contemporary times of the internet and technology, even outdoor advertising is shifting from static to digital, although the transformation is only slowly and gradually finding its way into the Indian market.

When creating an effective advertising strategy, outdoor advertising remains an essential component of the media mix. The outdoor advertising industry is now valued at INR 3085 crore in India.

WABI offers a unique solution that aims to disrupt traditional paradigms of consumption and technology by empowering existing shopkeepers with a simple mobile app that allows user establishments to develop while creating new connections with their consumers.

In a word, the WABI marketplace, which is expanding its footprint in India, enables wholesalers and distributors in the fast-moving consumer goods area to sell/trade their items directly to retailers and conventional shops.

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