“We see a continued interest in the new-to-market customers despite volatility in FY22″


Religare Enterprises Limited (REL), a prominent Indian diversified financial services business, owns Religare Broking Ltd (RBL) as a wholly-owned subsidiary. One of the top securities firms in India, Religare Broking serves over 1 million clients through both online and offline platforms. Religare Broking, which has a wide geographic reach throughout the nation, provides services in the areas of equity, currency, commodities, mutual funds, insurance, NPS, and depository services. Additionally, the business has received Great Place to Work certification.

With the best research and market recommendations in the business, Religare Broking provides a strong investing platform. Their clientele is dispersed throughout India, and they provide the chance to invest using thorough study. The company stands out not just for its strong platform but also for its cutting-edge technology and customer-focused offering, which includes a wide range of goods and services.

Ashley Almeida, Executive Vice President – Digital, Product and Marketing, Religare Broking Ltd, chats in-depth with Adgully about how the online trading business is growing and how they are keeping up the pace, adjusting to a digitally led world, and consistently connecting with their consumers.

Retail investors will be wary of investing in or joining forces with a new broking firm because of the unstable nature of the global market. What marketing plan have you used to spread the word about Religare Broking Ltd and increase your clientele?

When prices are down and everyone is selling stocks, it is a good time to purchase in the context of stock markets. Therefore, even though it may seem like a counterintuitive recommendation, buying during a period of market volatility may be wise.

As a full-service broker, we provide the greatest research available in the market. Our in-house research desk provides our customers with the most recent industry data as well as practical advise on “what to buy and when.” The key to our company’s expansion plan is the customer experience.

Agility and quickness have been improved via digital revolution. How has technology aided Religare in adapting to the shifting client behaviour following the pandemic?

In human history, COVID-19 has been a black swan occurrence. But every problem has a solution. More and more people have jumped on the investment bandwagon through digital trading platforms as a result of long-term restrictions on working from home and financial upheavals. New investors have increased at a record rate. It’s interesting to note that Gen-Z and Millennials, who were debating investing, both started the process. In the previous two years, markets also rewarded new investors, and despite the volatility in FY22, we continue to observe interest in the new-to-market customers.

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