Weikfield invites India to ‘weik up’ the little moments of life


Weikfield Foods Private Limited, famed for its Custard Powder & Pasta, launched its first-ever marketing campaign in an attempt to revitalize and improve its brand value. After more than six decades of profitable service, the company unveiled a refreshed brand identity a few months ago.

In alignment with its bold plans for rapid expansion, the organization is now launching a new marketing strategy that urges customers to enjoy the moments of their lives and aims to create Weikfield as a partner to bring these moments to life. The campaign developed and launched by Grey Worldwide contains 2 copies; one for Custard and the other for Pasta. New advertisements concentrate on spontaneous little bits of joy that people find in their lives. These moments are then made more joyful and unforgettable by Weikfield’s goods, which have made millions of customers happy for years. Heart-warming, genuine and relatable, TVCs are seeking to hit an emotional chord with customers.

Weikfield is seeking to raise the level of intake. So, what a better way than to connect the name with the daily celebration. It is also a sign of positivity in these moments of stress – in line with what we have been doing for years in the lives of our customers. This campaign is a reminder to customers that anytime they have the opportunity to enjoy little moments in life, they should celebrate the same thing and live it to the fullest.

In our hectic day-to-day schedule, we sometimes get stressed out, worked up, and tired. One way out is to cherish the small moments in life we’re going to experience with our friends and family. In doing so, not only do we bring the memories back, but we grow to relish similar moments that come our way. A feeling we’ve been trying to catch the sweet moments in these movies. Although we typically concentrate on marking the greatest milestones of our lives, regular, impromptu events seem to get forgotten. Here’s an attempt by Weikfield to put to the fore the joys of sharing those daily micro-moments of togetherness that make our lives so enriching and satisfying.

While the TVCs highlight two of Weikfield Custard and Weikfield Pasta’s most famous items, the iconic company has developed a wide portfolio of Custard, Cornflour, Baking Powder & Cocoa products, including recent products such as falooda, sauces & cake blends that are massively popular with quite high consumer equity.

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