Westlife’s ‘The Wild Dreams’ India Tour casts a spell on Mumbai with classic hits and new melodies as band heads to Bengaluru & New Delhi next

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~ Produced and promoted by BookMyShow Live, the incredible Westlife: Wild Dreams Tour – India created an unforgettable spectacle with fans joyously singing along and swaying under Mumbai’s

gleaming skyline ~

~ Westlife performed their chart-topping hits ‘Uptown Girl’, ‘Fool Again’, ‘If I Let You Go’, ‘Seasons in the Sun’ and ‘Swear it Again’ along with a surprise medley of ABBA songs including Mama Mia, Dancing Queen, Waterloo and more in a Westlife-special rendition! ~

Mumbai, November 24, 2023:  It was a magical evening at the Member’s Enclosure, Mahalaxmi Racecourse in Mumbai, with the crowd wearing their hearts on their sleeves, singing along to the iconic hits of nostalgia heroes Westlife, as the world’s most loved boyband delivered a fabulous performance under the maximum city’s shiny skyline. The Irish pop-band’s heart-warming performance, part of The Wild Dreams Tour – India, produced and promoted by BookMyShow Live, the live entertainment division of BookMyShow, saw the enchanting melodies of Westlife echo through the air.

Fans, both young and young at heart were left mesmerized by the magic woven on stage by the band’s leading men, Shane Filan, Mark Feehily, Nicky Byrne and Kian Egan, creating a dreamy atmosphere in the heart of the city. Kick-starting the India Tour in Mumbai with a captivating evening, Westlife brought their timeless music and unmatched showmanship to the country even as more magical moments await fans across the country, as the tour heads to Bengaluru and New Delhi next.

The evening began with the upbeat ‘Starlight’, from the Wild Dreams album, swiftly moving into crowd-favourite classics that have defined Westlife’s career, such as ‘Uptown Girl’ and ‘When you’re looking like that’ resonating with fans across India and the globe for decades. In a candid chat with the audience, the much-loved boyband asked the audience if they were ready to ‘feel young’ and celebrate their glorious youth with them once again and the crowd cheered with a lively response. The atmosphere intensified as the talented quartet transitioned seamlessly into the heart-warming ‘Fool Again’, ‘If I Let You Go’, ‘Seasons in the Sun’ and ‘Swear it Again’, evoking nostalgic memories for fans who have been a part of Westlife’s musical journey since inception. The fans were elated to hear their love for India and the charming four won hearts through their candid interaction with the audience in between their performances. Ahead of their hit rendition of ‘Nothings Going To Change My Love For You’ they left everyone spellbound when they invited a die-hard fan of Nicky Byrne from the audience on stage and dedicated their enchanting rendition of the classic to the all the fans present at their memorable performance in Mumbai.

Renowned for their chart-topping hits and incredible live performances, Westlife’s ‘The Wild Dreams Tour’ lived up to its promise of being a spectacular showcase of musical brilliance. Treated to all their favourite tunes, the crowd didn’t miss out on any chance to interact with the boyband even as Westlife didn’t shy away from delivering a few surprises that brought back sweet nostalgic memories from the golden era of music. A welcome surprise for an ecstatic audience, was an unexpected medley of ABBA songs including Mama Mia, Gimme Gimme Gimme, Money Money Money, Take a Chance on Me, I Have a Dream, Dancing Queen, Thank You for the Music in a Westlife-special rendition!

With the energies still running high and resounding across the grounds, Westlife transitioned into the next leg of their set performing their hits, ‘What About Now’, ‘Nothing’s Going To Change’, ‘I Lay My Love On You’, ‘World of our Own’, ‘Flying Without Wings’, ‘Hello My Love’, ‘My Love’, ending the evening on a high note and streams of confetti with ‘You Raise Me Up!’

A strong legacy of a quarter-century, Westlife continues to delight audiences globally and the India tour has begun no differently. The audience, comprising fans of all ages, revelled in every note, every beat as a testament to the band’s relevance after all these years, as they made their debut performance on Indian soil.

The euphoria reached its peak as the band played their timeless classics with the crowd singing along, creating a harmonious blend of voices that resonated throughout the venue. Stay tuned as the tour continues to weave its magic across Bengaluru and New Delhi, promising more unforgettable moments in the journey of musical dreams. The India tour will be a trip down the memory lane and will give Indian fans, a chance relive their memories of a younger self, with some catchy tunes, legendary singalongs and much more!

The India leg of the tour kicked-off at the Members Enclosure, RWITC, Mahalaxmi Racecourse, Mumbai on Friday, November 24th and will be followed by their performance at Bharatiya Mall of Bengaluru, Bengaluru on Saturday, November 25th, culminating with the final stop at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in New Delhi on Sunday, November 26th, 2023. 

Fans can get their hands on the tickets for the Bengaluru and Delhi shows exclusively on BookMyShow.