WhatsApp may allow sign-in on multiple devices


Facebook-owned WhatsApp has arrived with a new feature that is, multi-device authentication on a single account.  WhatsApp users shall allow to sign in from the same account on multiple devices. It is a great advantage to users. Currently, users can authenticate a single device by using mobile number verification. generally, if you change the device and sign in on another device, WhatsApp automatically logs you out from all other devices. Whatsapp has currently tested the multi-device sign-in feature which would allow users to sign-in on the same account from different devices.

At present, WhatsApp is starting some important test for the multi-device feature but it is not available yet and the release date is also not confirmed. As per the assumption, it might be released within the next two months, four months or six months. This feature helps the users to use a single Whatsapp account on multiple devices simultaneously so it would be easier to switch from a mobile phone to tablet or Ipad, and computer and continue what you left on the previous platform. This WhatsApp feature is described by WAbetainfo.

Another important thing is, at present WhatsApp allows users to transfer data from android to ios device in real-time, now you can move WhatsApp to ios device from android device but there is no provision to transfer chat and other WhatsApp data on ios from android or android to ios but the muti device sign-in might bring the feature for eliminating the above-mentioned problems.it would be more helpful to the users.

According to the report, this will increase the speed of download of chat history on to the new device. It can easily copy the user chat history on to a new device.  As per another report which is published by WABetainfo is, the latest WhatsApp beta for Android 2.19.345 has some a minor change in the UI. The photo icon of the camera is replaced by an image. This is a minor change that might go unnoticed for many.


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