When Dettol soap becomes India’s No.1


The COVID-19 pandemic has catapulted the relatively quiet Rs 20,000 crore soap segments in India into one among the most well liked and buzziest ones within the FMCG sphere. Now, in the January-June period, Laxman Narasimhan, global CEO of commodity company Reckitt Benckiser (RB), has revealed that its Dettol soap bar has become the amount one soap within the country.

LiveMint quoted Narasimhan as saying, “It (India) did grow in high single digits (on a like-to-like basis) during this period. Dettol, an influence brand in India, achieved the amount one share in soaps in India for the primary time.”

It is the primary time that Dettol soap has grabbed the highest spot within the Indian soap segment since its launch in 1981. As per a case study between RB and therefore, the Marketing Club of MDI, many of us used Dettol antiseptic liquid in their bath then, the corporate thought of offering Dettol within the more convenient sort of soap.

The case study also revealed that the first selling proposition of the soap was ‘Give your family the loving care of Dettol soap’. It, however, didn’t begin because it had been communicated under ‘mild and delicate skincare’ and consumers couldn’t identify (with) a light Dettol soap.

Consumer research revealed that folks used Dettol soap when faced with extreme dirt conditions. To balance communication between this need and a cosmetic soap, Dettol relaunched its soap with a replacement positioning.

“Dettol protection involves you and your family within the sort of soap for those daily occasions when a specially clean germicidal bath is important. ‘When no ordinary bath will do — Dettol soap — the 100 per cent bath.’”

Over time, Dettol introduced soap variants to lure more customers. Within the early 2000s, it launched the ‘Dettol Skincare soap’ which, alongside its trusted germ protection, had nourishing moisturisers for the skin.

Then came the ‘Dettol Cool soap’ with menthol to assist the skin retain its moisture, leaving it feeling healthy and refreshed. The ‘Dettol Aloe Bar soap’ helped to stay the skin clean. There also are two other Dettol soaps, with Tulsi and Jasmine, under its ‘Co-created with Moms’ umbrella.

One thing is obvious which is Dettol’s ‘trusted’ germ protection offering, alongside these other special ingredients. Of these have helped Dettol soap reach the highest spot.


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