#WhenIGrowUp, HDFC Life’s new annuity campaign


HDFC Life’s latest campaign focuses to make retirement planning look attractive. The company comments that the campaign is an encouraging narrative that questions the consumer’s mindset around retirement thoughts and plans.

HDFC Life has recently launched its new annuity campaign ‘#WhenIGrowUp’ reminding and redefining the antiquated concept of this category. Everyone might have been posted with this simple question at some point in time, “Aap bade hoke kya banna chahte ho?”. This simple question roots the tone for the ad campaign.

The ad beautifully conveys the image that human potential is above one’s retirement years thereby inspiring and motivating individuals to choose a retirement product plan that prepares them to fulfill their dreams. It is centered on HDFC Life’s support product ‘Pension Guaranteed Plan’ is created to provide a guaranteed monthly income. This annuity support product not just secures an individual’s retirement but it also enables individuals to fulfill the dreams of their youth which got neglected or forgotten with the responsibilities they took over.

This campaign had been conceptualized in collaboration with Wieden & Kennedy. In the journey to impact culture, such a social campaign has been designed and thought leaders have been on-boarded to tour scale, reliability, and the reach of the message.

Commenting on the campaign, Vishal Subharwal, the Executive Vice President, e-commerce and digital marketing, HDFC Life, said, “Retirement planning is an integral part of a financial plan and knowingly or unknowingly most individuals neglect this activity. This is also because of the fact or preconceived notion that retirement seems boring to many and most individuals don’t look towards it like another phase in their lives. Through this campaign, we aim to break this stereotype and make retirement planning ambitious and enable consumers to manage longevity risk.”

Dean Wei, the Executive Creative Director, W+K, added, “ When we think about our future, and how do we achieve our goals after retirement isn’t a boring financial exercise, based on our rational decision. It’s about small and big, dreams and plans. We wanted to take a different course of movement than most financial communications and give individuals an emotional reason as to why they should make such a smart decision before its not late. And because it’s about dreams, sometimes we want to make lifelong dreams work fun and not intimidating, but mostly not shabby and gross.”


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